Comments by Daniel_Torres

Off the record: city attorney and U-T reporters

Dorian, As a man who has had to walk the most bizarre investigation regarding my son's death, I appreciate journalists like you. When witness statements, police officers who took statements, photos that were changed I was told by a PD friend to go to the media. I took what I had including some confidential PI information and off I went. Took a witness to FBI they said they don't believe a man sleeping in a car. Called IA nothing, took my book to DA Prodigalidad. Went to Victor Torres he said something is wrong asked me to wait until he had more time. His partner Mark Skeels came to me followed me to my car I told him what I had found out. As I was begging for help he said see Steve Bellizzi and he would help me. Bellizzi took my book and information after that everything changed. I had mentioned their name to Prodigalidad. She contacted them and only them. The only reporter who helped no longer works in San Diego area. Mark Skeels now works for City Attorney, Bellizzi I later found out was fired by Dumanis. DA office promised 911 calls if they kept my book. PD, DA, FBI will not release the calls as they will prove SDPD was there at least one hour before they claim. They allowed a taxi driver to film and take pictures of my son which by the way did not match earlier photos. The taxi driver was a ex-employee of the officer who wrote the report along with Friedman. I told FBI agents in Fresno, San Diego, and reporters Friedman was dirty months before the Arevalos rapes were reported. Unfortunately I found out how bad checkbook journalism is. Regarding the UT issue, good journalists but not allowed to do their job. Has to be frustrating for them. Maybe within my lifetime my sons murder will come to light. I am not above my son losing his life in a accident. See Vimeo Murder in Mission Bay, Tracy Pansini who held his fist up threatening witnesses. Don't know Dumanis, my take is corruption fighting corruption for power. Friends tell me Dan they will never let you get to the truth, you will be dead before that happens. So I sit back and allow more vulnerable people get murdered? It eats at me in a way most people will never understand. A UT reporter said "I read the autopsy report" I asked did you get the property report also? I knew what he was thinking nothing here but a accident. I said good read it again this time really read it and you will see how this was not a accident. Sent Filner some emails when I realized what they were doing to him. Told him a little about my son and said just go to City Attorney and Skeels bring my name up to them. Don't know if he did but right after they struck a deal. Jenny Hamel said witnesses told her that my son was walking around and put his hand on the fender of cab. Not a fan of Hamel either she disappeared when Arevalos, Friedman got in trouble. If you read SDPD report not possible my son walked anywhere.
— January 30, 2014 8:33 p.m.

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