Polls by Lincoln Club, Chargers diverge widely

9 out 10 people surveyed said they do not trust polls. "Fabiani points out that Nienstedt was paid by the Lincoln Club, which has been attacking the Chargers through Facebook ads" Did Fabiani also point out that Baselice and Hart were paid by the Chargers, which has been attacking local officials? Nienstedt has many, many years of polling experience and if he was going to cook the numbers it seems like he would have come up with something than 51%. When you factor in the typical error rate in these polls, the "favorable" number could be as low as 46%. Conversely the other polls could be as high as 35% favorable. While Nienstedt's clients might want to tout their numbers as showing support, John's been around enough to know that 51% (or 46%) is cutting it too close for comfort and it's not the kind of numbers that let one conclude, "The people want this." Polls such as this are easily manipulated to skew the results by changing the wording just a bit. The Charger's guy asks, "Do you favor or oppose spending at least $375 million of taxpayer money..." Imagine changing that to "Would you be in favor of limiting the public contribution to a new stadium to no more than one-third of the total cost?" It would be interesting to see what Neinstedt actually asked. Bottom line: none of these numbers look too good for proponents of public financing and it appears the Chargers goal was to come up with numbers they can later tout as reasons for moving north.
— August 13, 2015 9:50 a.m.

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