Comments by Bob_Hudson

Could Brown reappoint unpopular Peevey?

Don, I debated Peevey when I headed the opposition to the SDG&E takeover by Edison. I also once sat down for a meeting with him (why, I can't recall). I do recall he seemed like the kind of guy who'd call in the boys from Vegas to break your legs with a baseball bat and seemed used to winning by intimidation. He was Edison's enforcer and I can only imagine how he must have intimidated legislators who proposed something that wasn't "in Edison's best interest." Jerry Brown has been a politician for most of his life, first getting elected in the 60's. That's his world, politics - often rough and tumble - and political alliances are more important than the public interest to career politicians who have little chance of not getting reelected. Mike Peevey is his friend, Peevey helps him maintain his life on the public dole. If he can get elected and not have to fire his friend, then there's no incentive for doing so? After working a congressman, senator, a governor and in various public affairs jobs, I learned that once politicians get to Sacramento - or DC - party differences are not what we think. Liberals and conservatives all jockey for support from those with the money and the big donors win out over the public interest. I know it's fun for progressives to think the Republicans have the edge in this, but the Democrats play the game just as well, if not better. Peevey and Brown are poster boys for this. Since leaving public affairs it has been hard for me to muster any enthusiasm for voting: the choice is always Fiddle-de-dee or Fiddle-de-dum and whomever gets elected is going to immediately start courting donors for their reelection campaign and quickly learning that between the donors' needs and their party's dictates, they have no independence, no ability to make a difference. This is why California's major legislative accomplishments now come down to the likes of banning plastic bags. We are gouged on energy costs, state government's finances and structure are fundamentally flawed, but by gosh we'll someday be able to rush between Fresno and Bakersfield on a bullet train! I'm trying to recall which San Diego state legislators have ever really championed utility consumers? Someone must have done something? I do recall that Steve Peace darn near broke us with his approach to energy. This is not about Jerry firing Mike: it's about the changing the way they all do business in Sacramento: it's about having legislators - from both parties - who would publically call for action by the Governor. But, that's not going to happen: the legislators have safe jobs and nothing to gain by bucking the Governor or big donors. Don, as Californians, when it comes to state governance, we are, as they say, screwed, and Peevey is just yet another symptom of that.
— October 10, 2014 10 a.m.

Cartmill for Sweetwater board — get real

WOW - that guy has one big-a** ego. He makes his living as a professional speaker and government/education consultant ( ) so I guess having "current school board member" on your resume probably gets more bookings than "convicted ex-public official." Maybe he can convince Duke Cunningham to come back from Arkansas to run his campaign on the slogan, "Oops, sorry I got caught. My bad."
— July 17, 2014 9:36 p.m.

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