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Intenso año para la feria del libro de Tijuana

El corazoncito rojo de la ciudad

El corazoncito rojo de la ciudad Puede llegar a sorprender si se recuerda que la actual Feria del Libro de Tijuana se debe indirectamente a la Guerra Civil Española. Como muchas cosas en Tijuana, todo ...

Intense year for Tjuana's annual book fair

Nevertheless, it continues through the weekend

Little red heart of Tijuana It may surprise you to learn that we indirectly owe the current Feria del Libro de Tijuana to the Spanish Civil War. Like most things in Tijuana, it all started ...

Rosarito and the Broken Board Surfos

Leer este artículo en Español, haga clic aquí.

Banano “I learned to surf with a broken board. I repaired it with resin that I bought from a fish taxidermist factory. I patched it and I glued it back together. I would surf with ...

México: Entre los Dinosaurios y el Poder del #

Mariana siempre quiso casarse en la Catedral Metropolitana de la Ciudad de México. Cuando el momento llegó decidió cumplir su sueño: su ceremonia se llevaría a cabo en el histórico recinto frente al Zócalo, la ...

A Brave New World of Liberated Tourists

An afternoon of neon lights and ’80s pop, washed down with a pitcher of draft beer at the roller rink...a night of charalitos con chile, flying chairs, fake blood, and a screaming crowd that competes ...

Valle de Guadalupe

Imagine a valley filled with vineyards surrounded by olive trees. The weather is dry and warm and there’s hardly any wind. There are only a couple of paved roads and people mostly walk or drive ...

Rehab: A Public Nightmare in Tijuana

They sell newspapers on street corners. They wander around swap meets selling candy. They offer pamphlets in restaurants, taco stands, supermarkets, parking lots, malls, and homes. They carry around little wooden penny banks and ask ...


Lions and Tigers and Xolos In a dusty field behind a racetrack in Tijuana, the line of cars trying to park snakes into the distance. Once we park, we look around and see that we’re ...

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