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Stories by Eve Kelly

Sun-protection lotions after skin cancer

Mercy for the skin

Once you’ve gone under the knife, your thoughts of the sun change. Last year, I lost a chunk of eyelid. Basal cell carcinoma. They didn’t get all of it the first time, so I had ...

Margarita mixer matchup

Taste-rating away the margarita mixes

‘If life gives you limes, make margaritas,” I sang, channeling my best Jimmy Buffett. “If life gives you hordes of guests, buy margarita mixes,” responded my man Patrick. We were in the midst of planning ...

Rescues in the surf zone

There are many ways to go about becoming a San Diego lifeguard.

Save a fortune on eyeliner

The worst enemies of permanent cosmetics exposed.

Hamster is a better idea than hamsters

The pet debate raged on in the Kelly home. On one side are the kids who ask for a dog every time they see one in a commercial. On the other side is my husband ...

The ups and downs of garage doors

"Darn it, Patrick, this is suburbia!” I complained. “I am not about to put barn doors on the shed in our front yard!” Patrick has been trying to cut costs — he’s already embarrassed to ...

Bringing out the butterflies

Turn your tomatoes and squash into butterflies and hummingbirds.

Car wash gone mobile

San Diego's best mobile auto-detailing companies

‘Shaggy and Scooby must be jealous,” Patrick said when Bernice pulled her bright yellow Dodge Sprinter down our driveway. The Sprinter has 12 seats, just like our Chevy Express, but it rides about two feet ...

St. Patrick's party prep

Póg mo thóin if you don’t like the music!

St. Patrick’s Day is fast approaching, and my Kelly hubby is heavy into party planning. “I bought green-striped thigh-high stockings [$4.99 at] for you,” he announced, “and a little green top-hat hairband thingy [$9.99 ...

Cash for cars

Where ’94 Chevy Suburbans go when they die.

Gluten-free pasta

It wasn’t gluten-free spaghetti that gave Sophia those hips.

Electronic cigarette smoke-out

E-smoke some snickerdoodle

My friend Smokee Wilson ain’t so smoky anymore. She recently started “vaping,” as she calls it — getting her nicotine fix by way of an electronic cigarette. I’ve got some family members who smoke, so ...

Jam session with the Kellys

Apricot jams, spreads, and preserves are trundled into the taste-test kitchen.

Painting and wine classes in San Diego County

‘Didn’t you used to want to be an artist?” I asked Patrick as I dragged him out the door. “At least I’ll get a drink,” he grumbled. We were on our way to a Painting ...

Instant oatmeal taste test

Casa Kelly’s 2013 New Year’s resolution is healthier living — nutritious eating, physical activity, and enlightenment of the mind. The easy part for shopper Eve is the eating. Out go the chips, in come the ...

The Best BBQ Sauce

Sauce for your bones

We use a lot of barbecue sauce in the Kelly house. Our favorite has always been Gates Original. It hails from Kansas City, and my mom sends me a bottle every year at both Christmas ...

Ways to quit smoking

Kick cigarette butts in 2013!

The cognitive thought-based method versus hypnosis for quitting the habit.

Cough remedies

Remedies to kick a cough and keep a cold at bay.

Takes some green to chase away the holiday blues

A list of things to do over the holidays in San Diego.

“Viejas Outlet Center has the largest outdoor skating rink in Southern California.”

Peppermint-themed birthday party turns up Peeps and Pop Rocks

My youngest daughter always feels ripped off at this time of year because her birthday comes just three days after Christmas. She gets a second dose of presents, but we’re usually too wiped out to ...

Eggnog taste-test party

Since when is straight eggnog not good enough?

Pipes and tobaccos

Put this in your pipe and smoke it

Contentment and pipe smoke filled the air in the late-night hours after the Thanksgiving feast. My brother Bill, visiting from Kansas, puffed merrily away on our patio, reveling in the mild California evening. Patrick, meanwhile, ...

Thanksgiving Volunteering Opportunities in San Diego

Lose yourself in the service of others.

My son recited a Gandhi quotation at dinner. “‘I shall pass through this world but once. Any good therefore that I can do or any kindness that I can show to any human being, let ...

Thanksgiving Turkey

‘Don’t cook for Thanksgiving this year,” said Patrick’s mother. “You know what?” I answered. “I’m not going to fight you on that. It’s been a long year.” “So, where should we go? Our treat.” I ...

Natural peanut butters

Sometimes you like to get raw and wild with your peanut butter.

Equine and Wine Adventures

Wine country rides in San Diego’s backcountry.

Presidential Party Favors

Political party: fun and games associated with Obama and Romney.

Zumba Shimmy

Zumba classes are more than “Here’s my butt, here’s my butt.”

Getting old-looking? Supercharge your skin!

My college friend Sarah is hitting a milestone birthday this year. The number shall remain secret. The ladies in our dance group want to shower her with gifts, and they’re thinking makeup. “Eve, can you ...

Best Places to Train as a DJ in San Diego

It started at Disneyland, of all places. The park brought in a DJ to perform in sync with a light show built around Tron: Legacy. My teenage son saw stars. He already makes music on ...


San Diego’s stand-up paddleboard lesson prices

Run, Coyote, Run

Backyard coyotes love backyard chickens.

Renewable Sandwich Bags

“Each plastic bag takes over 1000 years to break down.”

Reusable sandwich bags reviewed.

Well Drilling

Who will dig your well in San Diego County? Will they certainly find water?

Gelato Sampling in San Diego

“Gelato is like tacos — it’s street food, not high-end fare.”

Hydrate While You Dehydrate with Coconut Water

“We should make a new drink, the Hangover Prevention.”

Testing the O's

In the testing kitchen: cereals shaped like O’s and hugs.

It’s Not All Sexy Times in the Face-Painting Biz

Tips and prices of some San Diego face-painters.

‘Face painting gets a bad rap,” said Megan Norgan of the Rosy Glow Paint Co. (858-633-ROSY; “People think it has that carny feel or that it’s cookie-cutter. But my aim is to show it ...

Hike, Bike, Bowl

Summer’s only half over — off the couch, kids!

Dogs Versus Rattlers

Dogs in San Diego County are at great risk of rattlesnake bites. Have them trained not to be.

Simple Snacks for the Road

"On the road again…” Every June, Patrick starts singing the Willie Nelson classic. He loves summer road-tripping. He doesn’t like planning them, however. Guess who that job falls to? This year he’s dreaming of his ...

Shade Sails to Beat the Summer Heat

Getting out of the summer heat with shade sail options from local firms.

Loving, Hating, and Eating Frozen Fruit Bars

Fruit-bar feeding frenzy (voracious lip-smacking included).

Survey of Mascara Users

Through rain, sweat, and tears, mascara that delivers.

The Incredible Accessible Uke

Tiptoe to the ukulele store.

There’s a uke craze in the Kelly home. The ukulele comes everywhere: in the car, to school, to the beach. Our oldest son begged for one for months. “It’s so convenient and portable,” he pleaded. ...

Getting Rid of Gophers

Gophers be gone!

What’s the price of war with your yard rats?

Detergent for Sensitive Skin

Learn to make — or buy — detergent for sensitive, rash-prone skin.

Magicians Book Up Fast

Magician shopping for the next party.

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