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Arby's coming to North Park — with drive-thru?

Sign is placed, then removed, on construction fencing

At the beginning of November, demolition began on the two tiny boarded-up studio-sized homes on the corner of Gunn and 30th streets in North Park. Construction fencing went up around the former Saint Luke’s Episcopal ...

anniej Oct. 31, 2013 @ 8:44 a.m.

erupting- even though I was aware of the happenings of the court proceedings seeing it in print and then reading Visduh's comments put me into a 'downer'. However, after a sleepless night, and with the dawn of a new day I SEE THE LIGHT!

Chopra, the person who was so ill he could not attend some of the proceedings, the DA looking to fortify his case - throw the book at an old man or USE the old man (no disrespect to old men, I am married to one) as a witness? Hmmm,,,,,, Now the question, might the same happen on the Sweetwater side of the case, might one of the indicted be offered the carrot of a sweet deal? Might it be the false prophet, the counselor or the teacher who choose to sing like a canary?

While we are aghast at the level of alleged corruption, in truth this is considered a white collar crime. Do you really think Arlie Ricasa is being sent to the big house? Not going to happen. Besides, when I think about it rationally she and her cohorts would continue to rip us off via more tax dollars being used to house her and the others in the big house.

Erupting you are right, the money the ruin of reputations - no more Ms. or Mr. Fillipina, Latina, Latino, Pastor, Republican or Democrat of The Year for this group. All of this awards and plaques they received - not sure if they will get a tax write off for them at Am Vets.

THEY RUINED IT FOR THEMSELVES? Google will forever be the keeper of the truth - try Googling their names.

All one has to do is look at any one of them to see the strain their indictments have had on them personally. WAS IT WORTH IT?

One last thought, the missing Mello funds, is it possible Brand used them to help out his friend Cartmill, or perhaps Ricasa. Absurd you say? Think about it, how would we know? Where did the money go, Brand is not saying, so I thought I would speculate. Remember those couple of months when the PI issue was tabled, what did Brand do? He hired them any way. Let us not forget it was Ed Brand who helped Jim Cartmill out of bankruptcy to the tune of several thousand dollars, and then there were the greenbacks Tom Hassey threw in as well. Talk about a trio - Cartmill, Brand and Hassey -


helenfarias Sept. 26, 2013 @ 2:02 p.m.

SEA will ensure that the policy does not impact our members' contractual rights, and our teachers ability to perform their jobs effectively. Internal communication will be sent out to unit members when we have answers.