bvagency Jan. 21, 2013 @ 6:21 p.m.

Fireflycobra, you may be right on that issue. And it is a real concern that 80% of the districts budget is for employee compensation (all employees of the district, from top to bottom, not just teachers). I own a business, and if 80% of my revenue was for payroll I would be out of business!! I believe this a part of the reason for the district's continual budget problems.

However, as I mentioned on another blog in The Reader, right now in my mind the imminent concern in our district are these issues with the Trustees and Superintendent. I believe their actions have really damaged the reputation of our school district. And this has an impact on students, teachers, neighborhoods, on all of us!!

As a community of residents and parents, we need to have a united voice so that the Trustees and Superintendent will hear us, and they will immediately stop their questionable practices and decisions.

As far as your stated concerns about Alex, If union membership agrees with your assessment of him and current union leadership, they should be voted out.


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