Jarhead Red

"First to Fight for Right and Freedom," reads the title of the big military print on the tasting room wall at Carlsbad Wine Merchants. The painting depicts a group of Marines moving along a ruined ...


Portland didn’t agree with marketing VP Kathy Bankerd. Her employers at the tech company InFocus had moved her up north and bought her a house, but she still hadn’t sold her home in sunny SoCal. ...

Boutique Bubblings

The hills across the road from Steve Chapin’s Temecula vineyards — situated out past the tourist-friendly wineries and a short hop from Lake Skinner — are fallow now. Chaparral grows where vines once stood — ...

Improve on Nature

‘Cork is random,” observes Michael Friedman, CEO for Oneo Closures North America. “It’s a plant. When you punch a cork out of a piece of bark, it’s very unusual to get one that’s absolutely perfect, ...

At the Cusp

“These are people who are established. They’re well known for writing books.”

Genius Oddballs

"People ask, 'After Sideways dies down, do you think it will go away?'"

Power + Elegance = Balance

"I mean, you put one drop in your mouth and it explodes... Our wines are identifiable!"

Sparkling Wines

2008 is almost upon us, and the Kelly household is going to party. And party for many reasons: new babies, new engagements, newlyweds, and new friends. We haven't thrown a New Year's Eve bash in ...

Double-Edged Sword

"You would be smarter to look to South America than to most parts of the United States."


'I was in bed this morning, thinking about chocolate," said Foppiano Vineyards representative Susan Valera. "Back in the '60s, when it came to wine, you had Burgundy, Rosé, and White Sauternes. And back then, my ...

Foodie Appeal

"We want everyone to have a fighting chance to get exposure."

Born to Host

"I was built to bartend. It's what I was put on this planet to do."

Blue Streak

"I've been on every day since April of '78 & five original shows a week."

The Naked Sommelier

"The people at Saturday School are my people; I keep it to groups of 12."

Tool Kit

"I paired wine with mac-n-cheese, Tater Tots, PB&J, and gooey chocolate cake."

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