Just the right amount of South Pacific kitsch

In 1949, Tahitian artist Felix Lynch opened up what is now San Diego’s oldest tattoo shop, at 317 F Street, catering to sailors who landed in port just blocks away. Six location changes and two ...

Finding La Maguana, a homeless icon of Tijuana

Maria Luisa Castro was a dancer — is a dancer

Facebook post: “I'm in love with Tijuana.” Comment reply by David Duran: “Until you make love to La Maguana I'm not going to believe that you truly love this city.” If you have walked around ...

San Ysidro border station nearing completion

Photos show finishing touches being applied

The new border station in San Ysidro is nearing completion. Here is a series of photos showing the new station and some of its features.

Warning: Do not take weed into Mexico

A survey of who does and what happens if you do

“It seems like Border Patrol read your Tijuana junkie and dealer article,” my brother jokingly told me on Facebook. He had recently noticed a new sign posted near the border that reads “Medical marijuana prohibited ...

The waiting room to heaven is Nelson’s bar in Tijuana

Hotel Nelson premiered in 1948 as an extravagant south-of-the-border vacation destination boasting telephones in every room and the first elevator in northwest Mexico. Thanks to its central location and (at the time) luxurious accommodations, the ...

Dystopia You Can Dance To

Broken promises of an industrialized maquiladora-polis.

For a party dubbed “El Futuro,” the Tijuana-modern house situated above the Caliente greyhound track felt perfect. The façade’s dominant feature — a series of angled mirror-windows — echoed the outside swath of streetlights and ...

Facebook helps nab alleged child molester in Tijuana

Texas man announced his arrival as a new chef in Playas neighborhood

On January 7, a Texas man wanted on various skipped warrants was apprehended while flipping hamburguesas at a shop in the Tijuana neighborhood of Las Playas. Gilbert Sanchez Jr., 44 years of age and from ...

Tijuana’s “Twin of Parisian perfume shops" closes

Sara's London Shop goes out of business after 70 years

Sara´s London Shop, a popular perfume store in downtown Tijuana that once attracted tourists from around the world, has closed its doors after 70 years in business. The store, at the corner of Avenida Revolución ...

Drone patrols over Tijuana begin today

Battery power lasts 15 to 45 minutes

Tijuana police will begin using drones to patrol crime-plagued areas of the city beginning today, January 6, according to the daily newspaper El Sol de Tijuana. The city has acquired two drones to add to ...

Adiós, zonkeys?

Animal activists want Tijuana's "zebras" replaced with statues

Tijuana's famed zonkeys — donkeys painted to look like zebras — would be permanently retired and replaced by fiberglass replicas if an international animal-rights organization gets its way. In recent years, the zonkeys have fallen ...

New Year brings new taxes in Mexico

From pet food to junk food

Baja Californians awakening today, New Year's Day, face what the daily newspaper El Mexicano describes as "a cascade of taxes." In addition to an increase in the sales tax to 16 percent, Baja Californians will ...

Acción Poética invades Tijuana

Some call it poetry, some call it garbage

In Tijuana over the summer, many walls were painted white and then short verses were painted on them. The lines that seemingly were intended to promote art, culture, and poetry are now filled with tags, ...

9/11 is the best thing that ever happened to Baja cuisine

Is this Baja med?

Cool cats from both sides of la linea rip away at Tijuana’s new food.

Tijuana junkie and dealer interviews

Heroin and pot from U.S. sells like “hot bread” down south

“Lo que venga del gringo es lo mejor, es la mas pura,” a junkie in the Tijuana River channel area told me when I recently asked him about his drugs of choice. He was a ...

Puddles mandate shuttles to Friendship Park Posada

Sewage and safety the concern of state parks workers

County sewage-spill warning signs that say "keep out" were put up on Monument Road in Border Field State Park recently without the county's okay and without testing the puddles of water. The bright yellow warning ...