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Belching Beaver getting big

Six-packs, sours, and a full restaurant in the works

Belching Beaver Brewing has been in serious expansion mode this spring. In March, the company more than quadrupled its capacity by moving in to a 30-barrel production brewery in Oceanside. Meanwhile, its original 15-barrel Vista ...

We blow you up

O.B. reggae duo remembers time in Iran with new single, "Black Line"

Based in Ocean Beach, electronic reggae band Trans_Conduit is fronted by Osprey Recording studio and label owner Kevin Mankins, alongside Cape May Sound operator Ed Fletcher (Cubensis, Electric Waste Band). An experience from Mankins’s service ...

Pellet-gun parrot popper perplexes police

Residents rattled. Big rewards offered. Killer remains at large.

Who’s killing the great parrots of Ocean Beach/Point Loma?

People's market empire expansion in phase I

"We are exploring the use of hempcrete for some insulation.”

According to Nancy Casady, People’s food market general manager since 1997, there have been dreams of expanding the organic-food co-op ever since the building they’re in now was paid off in 2013. The home of ...

Fender not bent, failed scam

Note this: Don't try to bilk bucks from no-BS Prius drivers

On March 29 at 11:00 a.m. Tess Donaldson was driving to Fashion Valley when she spotted a note on the window of her 2008 Prius. “I stopped off on Frazee Road to remove it,” said ...

Black tar balls rolls on to Ocean Beach

Result of "natural seep," theorizes San Diego Coastkeeper rep

Ranging in size from a pebble to a quarter, sticky black tar balls have been washing ashore along the beaches in Ocean Beach since yesterday (March 30). The balls are sticking to feet and have ...

Good news/bad news for bees

”Jesse just saved a swarm in Hillcrest which contained 50,000 bees.”

Bee colonies have been dying at such alarming rate that even Honey Nut Cheerios has temporarily done away with their bee mascot Buzz in an effort to raise awareness. So what to do? Jesse Adcock, ...

Ocean Beach surveillance cameras going up

"We don’t want [the signs] to look so Big-Brotherish.”

After months of contention over the use of surveillance cameras along the Ocean Beach coastline, it’s all over except for the signage. The first three cameras — in all, ten are planned — appeared recently ...

"I don't get people being vibey."

A special board, just for El Niño

Name: Bob Thomas Age: 57 Occupation: English as a second language, San Diego Community College District Lives in: Ocean Beach Surfing: O.B. Pier “This is my favorite spot. I live down the street. My buddies ...

Teen parrot-killer still loose in Point Loma?

"Our suspect is a juvie so that makes it very tough to prosecute.”

Five wild parrots (one endangered lilac-crowned Amazon and four near-threatened red-masked conures) have been confirmed shot and killed in Ocean Beach/Point Loma within the past two months (February 19 to March 3). Two more deaths ...

Where hubcaps fly in O.B.

"If it hadn't been late at night with less traffic, he would have been killed."

A sign warning of the ultra-slender median on Sunset Cliffs Boulevard (at Voltaire) was run over sometime during the early hours of March 7. Karen Hoffman (not her real name), who lives nearby the intersection, ...

Future fast food

Clacking chops help save the world at Plant Power

“The methane that cattle produce warms the world 20 times faster than auto emissions.”

Freak bir-bir-bird hangs at beach

Vulture or pigeon? Either way, fancy!

On March 1, a medium-sized brown-and-white bird was spotted on Lotus Street in O.B. Some thought it to be a variety of vulture or a tumbler pigeon but it mostly closely resembles a Jacobin pigeon. ...

No sexy ads, cartoon mascots, or meat

Plant Power fast food

Vegan fast food. It might sound like a contradiction in terms, but it’s out there, trying to be fast as can be without serving animal or animal by-product. Bankers Hill restaurant Evolution has been working ...

Graffiti backs up citizens to the seawall

Reports, repairs, and mural commissioning among solutions

Over the past few years, the sandstone cliffs and similarly colored retaining walls in Ocean Beach have been plagued by graffiti and tagging. The City of San Diego has a rewards program if you nab ...

Parrot sniper on the loose

"This is outrageous, this should not be happening.”

On the afternoon of February 24, the last of three wild parrots recently shot in Point Loma and Ocean Beach succumbed to its injuries. Brooke Durham, director of SoCal Parrot, said the parrots’ deaths were ...

Gas pump gives bad vibe

Suspected credit-card skimmers working Ocean Beach

There have been recent reports of possible credit-card data skimming occurring at the gas stations in Ocean Beach. According to numerous folks in O.B., after purchasing gas by “swiping at the pump,” they soon noticed ...

A push for decriminalizing homelessness

"Not everyone who lives in a van is a disrespectful drug-addicted hoodlum."

For nearly a decade, Sam Moore (not his real name) has called Ocean Beach his home. For the past seven months, his abode has been a 1991 Chevy van. His lifestyle choice has not been ...

Shark of least concern caught off pier

"No one should gurgle up their own blood — no one!"

The sun was setting as Elsa Brum neared the left wing of the Ocean Beach Pier during her stroll on February 16. There she saw what looked like a baby shark gasping for air as ...

In a word, gnarly

"Our current water testing relies on methods that are over 50 years old."

About 650 San Diego surfers have volunteered to be lab rats in a study that looks at how closely surfing — particularly during the beach-closure days after rain — correlates with the illnesses they've been ...

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