Sounty County San Diego

Cheap rents fleeting in Imperial Beach

Factors: new hotel, restaurants, Navy’s Strand training center

"I lived there 15 years,” a former Imperial Beach renter said about his apartment complex at 642 Ocean Lane. “When it sold, the new owner gave everyone 60-day notice that the rent was going to ...

Expansion continues on Bayshore Bikeway

Car-traffic minimization also expected to help with pedestrian safety

Construction began in December on an extension of the Bayshore Bikeway that will cut across Imperial Beach on 13th Street and reach the Naval Outlying Landing Field (NOLF) helicopter training base on the other side ...

Water wrecked my race car

Submerged Lamborghini sparks hydrolock talk

“That vehicle is built for speed, that is something you would not use in this kind of water,” said Emilio Ramirez of the San Diego Police Department. Ramirez was referring to the white Lamborghini on ...

No-grow vote in National City

"We've been working extremely hard to change our city's reputation."

On January 5, National City officials, residents, and activists had a meeting to consider cannabis cultivation rules within city limits. If cities haven't established their own rules by March 1, a new law will make ...

Imperial Beach, polluted again

"The U.S. agency is fast to respond. The Mexican agencies are not."

The rain that started on January 4th closed the beaches in south San Diego due to water contamination. These beach closures continue long after rainstorms because of inaction at the sewage treatment plant in Mexico, ...

"Military age men" at San Diego's southern border

"Credible threat" posed by unknown Afghans and Pakistanis

Among the several dozen Pakistani and Afghan men who have entered the U.S. illegally, coming into San Diego from Tijuana, two were found to have ties to terrorist groups, according to a letter sent by ...

Brace for culture change, Chula Vista

Sale of lots to developers to affect parking on Third Avenue

“Parking on Third Avenue is an issue and will become more of an issue,” said Chula Vista councilmember John McCann shortly before the council voted to sell two lots that provide parking spaces for the ...

Who you calling a sarcastic fringehead?

Sign posted in mudflats insults presidential candidate

With the downtown San Diego skyline and the Coronado Bridge as a background, a “Dump Trump” sign was recently posted in the fenced-off area around Pond 20, the 95-acre piece of land that falls within ...

Drop the gun and skate, fool

Exchange takes firearms off the street and puts skateboards on it

“About 250 guns, including shotguns — sawed-off and non-modified — a Tech 9, an AR15, assault weapons, a .380 handgun, a 9mm, a .30-06, an Uzi, small handguns, single shots, and many others were traded ...

Competitive yoga in Imperial Beach

"There's a sushi place here. What if I wanted to offer sushi? I couldn't."

Three days after moving to a new location, Imperial Beach's IB Yoga studio found itself homeless on Christmas Eve. The studio had moved on the weekend of December 19th into the location of Clube de ...

Imperial Beach real estate office raided

Agents go after the Schaumburgs' data as part of investigation

Sheriff's deputies and San Diego police officers raided the office of One Source Realty in Imperial Beach on the morning of December 21st. The raid added to the recent troubles of well-known local property managers ...

While I.B. is still I.B.

Chewing the fat (and mussels and chicken) with Ken

“Name’s Ken,” says the guy on the right. “As in ‘Ken, still looking for Barbie.’"

Unwritten Lager, anyone?

Thr3e Punk Ales bubbles onto the scene

For the moment at least, another brewery has joined the craft-beer ranks of Santee. Thr3e Punk Ales debuted December 12th at the New Kids fest, an event dedicated to San Diego's newest breweries. Thr3e Punk ...

Larcenous audiophile crosses Pitbull

Thief allegedly recognized as son of friends

Saturday (December 19) at about 1:00 p.m. a thief walked out of Pitbull Audio with a tabletop controller used to record music. The theft occurred at 300 West 28th Street in National City. On December ...

Chula Vista condo plan misses mark again

"When a statement says ‘avoid,’ it doesn’t mean ‘prohibited.’”

On December 16, residents gathered a second time to review a proposed development on Third Avenue and K Street in downtown Chula Vista. Although city staff provided pastries and coffee, the mood of the crowd ...

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