Objections to last week's cover story

9/11 consipracy theories abound

Retraction The July 28 Neighborhood News column included an article (“Tasting Rooms, Breweries Blamed for Problems”) that misinterpreted last year’s data and erroneously concluded that a 400-percent increase in alcohol-related crime in Ocean Beach was ...

Everybody's lives matter

Including bluefins'

If Only It is a shame that a good citizen like Rachel was “forced” to leave California, mainly because of our pathetic laws. After reading her story, it frustrates the hell out of me that ...

For what it's worth

This week's batch of letters to the editor

Our Parents Brought Us Here Regarding, “People Here Just Do and Just Are” (July 14 cover story), I can give you a little perspective from someone who lived in Linda Vista during the war years, ...

Advice for ENS sufferers

Plus commentary on the rest of the Reader

Soak Your Feet Re: “Like Trying to Come up for Air,” July 7 cover story I am a lifetime holistic chiropodist foot specialist. I’m 75 years old. I am a therapist and a holistic dietician. ...

Letters about this; letters about that

Kids stealing, public land, football stadiums, De Anza Cove, and property taxes

Not All Kids Steal Re: “Steal Beer and Die,” June 30 cover story Let me tell you something. “Just over the point of not being a misdemeanor” is grand theft, okay? If I had not ...

Why does the editor of the Reader allow it?

This, and other questions posed in this week's batch of letters to the editor

Basic Human Need Why doesn’t Siobhan Braun tell the whole story about the sex trade in “We Need Our Hearts Broken Over This”? Why are politicians and law enforcement going after the Johns instead of ...

Letters and notes to the editor

Readers write in

To the [Dog] Rescue My husband and I have been involved in rescuing Baja dogs for years. We noticed your section, “Play with Baja Rescue Pets,” in the “Fun Things to Do” issue of the ...

Hidden messages in the Reader?

"The taco issue is a brush on Trump’s taco tweet."

The Reader Is Wrecking Everything The San Diego Reader is ruining politics and sports, and is causing a lot of violence in San Marcos. You had a cover called “Trump Is a Farce, Bernie Is ...

Reading, then writing

Engaged readers!

Is Tree Removal the Answer? I read with interest the article about eucalyptus tree accidents. It’s awful that people have been killed by trees (and any other cause). Selective, limited tree pruning should be performed ...

Lose the doofus Marine haircuts and the Smith Brothers Cough Drop beards

A hodgepodge of letters

Touched I was in a hurry and wasn’t going to pick up the last Reader at my local Circle K. As I started to pull away, I changed my mind. For some reason, I (out ...

That not-in-my-backyard-mentality

Countywide feedback about Francis Parker

Violence Against Animals This is a horrible image that you put on the cover of the May 19 issue, a picture of a shark that was slaughtered to death. The people in the picture are ...

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