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Ladies night in La Jolla

Fine dining with a friend at Piatti

My friend Kimberly is the quintessential lady — she dresses with the style and flair of a Mad Men character but speaks her mind (peppered with plenty of colorful words and ideas) like a post-modern ...

Seeking a better bento box lunch

First world tempura problems

I don't know why there's no real American equivalent to bento. I suppose the closest thing we have is the lunch combo — a sandwich, bag of chips, maybe a pasta salad if you're lucky. ...

Power demand record set

SDG&E says heat and consumption required conservation measures last week

Extreme heat during the past week resulted in new records for energy consumption being set on back-to-back days, local utility SDG&E said in a release the afternoon of September 19. Electricity demand, according to SDG&E, ...

Just for the halibut

September 20 dock totals Chubasco 2 Sportfishing 14 Anglers, 1 Boat, 70 Pacific Bonito, 17 California Yellowtail Fisherman's Landing 140 Anglers, 5 Boats, 593 Yellowfin Tuna, 31 Skipjack Tuna, 16 Yellowtail, 30 Dorado H&M Landing ...

A derringer for my daughter

John Cihak testifies in Julie Harper’s murder trial

The father of accused murderer Julie Harper said it was “the worst day of my life” when his daughter showed up to his office and told him that she had shot her husband. “She said, ...

Burnham confirms U-T takeover bid

Point Loma financier says publisher Manchester backs move to nonprofit

Downtown financier and philanthropist Malin Burnham has confirmed that he is organizing a nonprofit corporation to take over U-T San Diego, the city’s daily newspaper and website, as first reported here earlier this week by ...

Coastal clam chowder is perfectly peppery

The Solana Beach Fish House redeems a not-so-scenic strip mall.

The Solana Beach Fish House is located just across the street from the train station in an unassuming strip mall. Not exactly the prime piece of beachfront real estate you might imagine visiting when you’re ...

Where fish tacos come from

September 19 dock totals Fisherman's Landing 186 Anglers, 7 Boats, 82 Yellowtail, 589 Yellowfin Tuna, 17 Dorado, 4 Skipjack Tuna, 4 Spanish Jack, 3 Bonito H&M Landing 203 Anglers, 9 Boats, 20 Dorado, 634 Yellowfin ...

Biere de Gourde

The Lost Abbey debuts first draft of pumpkin-infused Belgian-style Brett beer

It’s pumpkin beer season, which means breweries around the country will offer their spins on autumnal harvest-themed brews. Because pumpkin is such a popular and familiar ingredient, these beers are easy to love. They envelop ...

Ritual fund

La Jolla synagogue director gets 18 months for embezzlement

Eric Levine, former executive director of La Jolla's Beth El synagogue, was sentenced yesterday (September 19) to 18 months in prison. As executive director from July 2007 to December of last year, Levine oversaw the ...

The worm in the Apple

Union activists protest low wages of Cupertino security guards

Hundreds of people packed into a line snaking through the Fashion Valley mall outside the Apple Store were greeted by a group of protesters sympathetic to a group of security guards working at the company's ...

iPhone baloney?

Outside the Carlsbad Apple Store for two days

By the time the Apple Store in Carlsbad opened their doors at 8:00 a.m. on September 19, 300 people were in line to get their hands on the new iPhone 6 and 6+. All in ...

These are the monsters, Mayor Cox

Fire safety, traffic hazards, lack of parking, overcrowded schools in Chula Vista

High-density housing developments and master-plan changes often provoke a fuss from residents — but opposition usually evaporates once a city makes a decision. Opponents to the Lake Pointe development in eastern Chula Vista, however, don’t ...

Pot shops pop up in 2014

City's crackdown may home in on beach towns and North Park

A new report from the City of San Diego’s Code Enforcement Division shows that officers are closing down medical marijuana dispensaries by the bushel. From 2013 to 2014, the enforcement unit and city attorney's office ...

The Zeros score big

Local punk pioneers play The Thing at Bar Pink

“We’re the Zeros from Chula Vista, California,” said punk-rock pioneer Javier Escovedo to a packed and sweaty crowd during a “Music Thing” showcase at Bar Pink. Despite their show of local pride and deep San ...

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