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Your rewards are amazing views and vigorous exercise

Clevenger Canyon is rich in wildflowers and blooming chaparral shrubs in season

Clevenger Canyon is part of the Coast to Crest Trail of the San Dieguito River Parkway, a 70-mile trail that will eventually connect Volcan Mountain with the ocean at Del Mar. The Clevenger Canyon North ...

B Street pier sand carvers

Among the things to do this Labor Day weekend is attend the U.S. Sand Sculpting Challenge. Over the four days from Friday to Monday, there will be 300 tons of sand brought in to form ...

Stop slandering the Pats, the Bolts cheat more!

Think of the San Diego Chargers and you think of a team that winds up going nowhere year after year after year. But, over the past ten years the Chargers have the fifth best record ...

Adult man versus video game

Suggestion: self-control

Dear Hipster: I, like many Android users, am obsessed with Fallout Shelter now that the game has made its way beyond the world of iOs. Plants vs. Zombies and Clash of Clans both held me ...

Homegrown's got a new harvester

Josh Damigo on local radio, bands, and the San Diego Music Awards

“Yeah, Mookie and I are doing Homegrown Hour,” Josh Damigo tells the Reader over lunch at a La Mesa coffee shop. Mookie is San Diego Uptown News reporter Marc “Mookie” Kaczor. “I’ve always thought I ...

The Rep plays Violet fast and loose and the Globe plays a thin Comedy of Errors

Bus ride to salvation

Violet studies faces. She even sketches their features in a book. For her own, she’d like a composite: Rita Hayworth’s skin, Ingrid Bergman’s cheekbones, and Grace Kelly’s petite nose. Violet’s obsessed with facial features. When ...

Bonnie Dumanis collects for a “community crime prevention event”

Cash behind bars

As some wait for the other shoe to drop in the federal case against José Susumo Azano Matsura, the Mexican national and sometime Coronado Cays resident charged with heavy-duty campaign finance violations, one of the ...

An irreplaceable French Chateau

Rancho Santa Fe estate comes with two caves

Beds: 7 Baths: 10 Current Owner: James Kidrick Asking Price: $11,880,000 This week, an “irreplaceable French Chateau offering every amenity you could imagine.” The 2002-built Rancho Santa Fe estate located at 6397 Clubhouse Drive, within ...

Peter Sprague's not done, but he'll take the award

When is the right time to honor a lifetime in music?

“That fellow named Kevin [Hellman], who is in charge of the awards, called me about a month ago and said they’d like to do that,” says 59-year-old jazz guitarist Peter Sprague, on the phone to ...

When your location is like, so retro

Flannel grafting the unsuspecting burgs

Hey Hipster: The dictionary defines “slumming” as, “to visit slums, especially from visit or frequent a place, group, or amusement spot considered to be low in social status.” Technically, this is what moving to ...

Three poems from Mouth & Fruit

La Jolla Boys We sit here on the pier and think That, someday, we will drink. We tip our Pepsi toward the sun It’s vintage 1981. Still too young for real fun And rich La ...

The cocktail that makes you look good

Steer clear of the low-proof rye

To me, the Vieux Carré is a tailored suit. It’s jazz and a good cigar. Muscular and elegant, beguiling and complex, it’s one of those cocktails that you look good ordering and you feel good ...

USD’s Frank Partnoy might scare you

The inscrutable derivatives

Can one trust the accounting of the big banks? Take a guess.

Good answers to a difficult questions

Will Grizzly's past bite his future? Where do you go when you die?

A Low Hack There are certain fields, including the clergy, medicine, and teaching, that are not just occupations. They are marked by a sacred calling. Your cover story by Joe Deegan, who teaches a course ...

Our pension system’s investment officer jetted off to Amsterdam

Tripping for pensions

San Diego city workers who are slowly saving up for post-retirement dream trips to Europe may now experience the same vicariously through the travels of their pension system’s investment officer Jamie Hamrick. According to an ...

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