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CPUC'd: Utility Commission seeks to quell outcry over San Onofre costs

Two weeks ago, the California Public Utility Commission determined that Southern California electricity consumers will have to pay $3.3 billion for the closing and dismantling of the San Onofre nuclear power plant. The plant shut ...

The 12 Beers of Remembrance

A beer-centric experience I was thankful (and honored) to be a part of.

Receiving emails from readers is something I look forward to. Every now and then I get to help people out with suggestions about breweries or beers. It’s one of the best parts of this job ...

Almost a dirty secret

Assemblywoman Gonzalez to introduce bill to increase holiday pay

Californians who come in to work on Thanksgiving and Christmas will be getting a pay bump next year if a bill assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez plans to introduce is successful. At a media gathering on the ...

Phoenix, September 1977

Standing naked in the front yard of my girlfriend’s house, 3:00 a.m. Sunday morning, a small, delicious defiance, air smelling clean, temperature in the 70s, breeze like cashmere across my skin, each pore open to ...

One fan–funded

“We took this album to Nashville to record at the famous Blackbird Studio, owned by Martina McBride,” says singer-songwriter Rob Bondurant of his new album, Hurricane. “I wanted a sound, a vibe, a story, and ...

Our vision is to glorify God

Far Easterners with folky beliefs, or brain-washed by Communists, find counsel at Chinese Bible Church.

Horrible Bosses 2: Cheerfully dirty

Adventures in autonomy

Often, the minds behind superhero movie franchises decide to start things off with an origin story. And often, that origin story, however mythologically compelling, is not as dramatic or interesting as what follows. Think: Batman ...

Citrus savory showcase of balance

Bertrand at Mister A's Southern Dove may be the official drink of an Indian summer's last hurrah.

Yes, summer is over, but in San Diego, the season makes subtle adjustments to her wardrobe, calls herself “Indian,” and parties on…. To that end, Mister A’s Southern Dove could serve as official drink of ...

Cookie Monster rock

Call it “screamo” or call it “post hardcore,” locals Focus in Frame say they have no intention of backing away from the guttural groans that identify many modern metal bands. Detractors slag the incomprehensible singing ...

Poop deck

For virus expert Don Mosier, who also serves as a city father of beachy Del Mar, it was a smelly, if not costly circumstance. “A sewer back-up on May 25, 2014 in the City of ...

Hardcore roots

Itai Faierman on John Waters and his fifth-grade teacher

“John Waters asked for my number so we could talk about our mutual love of pre–World War II documentaries. He never called.”

Charlie Arbelaez, explosive bebop alto saxist

The liveliest of jazz jams happens on Friday nights in La Mesa. A chance move brought it here: “I lived just up the hill, off University Avenue,” says Charlie Arbelaez, 27. Recently out of the ...

Way, way before they were cool

CJ McMann is on his way to Polite Provisions, or the 1913 World's Fair. Whatever.

Dear Hipster: Is this man on his way to Polite Provisions (see attached picture)? — Dryw Keltz I recognize that guy! That only looks like an old-timey illustration. In fact, it’s a heavily filtered Instagram ...

Rocking the half-pipe

Cass McCombs is a road dog. On tour, he has witnessed a mix of cultures across the U.S. and often travels solely for the sake of learning about a new regional music scene. Though he ...

Manic about organic

Gastro missionaries almost convert with a sweet potato longboat and cashew cream.

"Become totally manic about organic. Get your healthy on. Super foods for super humans!” Uh-oh. Back in the land of the super-healthy again. It’s incredible. Healthy is busting out all over. This cute place with ...

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