Classical Music

Classical music helps with erectile dysfuntion

New study from Germany gives hope to sedentary males

New studies at the University of Tübingen in Germany have shown that listening to classical music for 25 minutes per day cures erectile disfunction in men who are pre-diabetic. The added blood flow from listening ...

Prokofiev 5

The next member of the Playlist No. 5

We’re running out of symphony No. 5’s for our playlist. The progression of 5’s had been Beethoven 5, Mahler 5, Tchaikovsky 5, Sibelius 5, Bruckner 5, Shostakovich 5, and now Prokofiev 5. These are all ...

San Diego Opera: Ferruccio Furlanetto recital

The luxurious ache of great singing

Ferruccio Furlanetto gave his U.S. recital debut on Saturday night at Symphony Hall as part of the San Diego Opera 2015-'16 season. If you’ll recall, the last recital I was able to see at San ...

Program music is the problem

Does a program help the music?

Since I carped long and hard about Berlioz and man-splaining, let us go to the root of the issue — program music. Program music is a composition that attempts to portray a specific mood or ...

Berlioz, Nielsen, and the San Diego Symphony

The rise of the man-splanation

There is an ungodly amount of “man-splaining” that occurs at the symphony and opera. What is “man-splaining” you ask? It is the terrible habit men have to point out and “explain” obvious elements to the ...

San Diego Symphony: Berlioz is the bait for Nielsen

The symphony brings us the esoteric pick of the week

It feels as though the San Diego Symphony just performed Berlioz's Symphonie Fantastique, but it was back in 2012. It feels like yesterday, but they are performing it again this coming weekend, and I’m hoping ...

The problem with Tosca

For starters, styrofoam statues.

If Tosca were written today it would be about two struggling artists living in Section 8 housing and hoping for an NEA grant.

Shostakovich celebrates because he must

Playlist No. 5 gets some Shostakovich

Now it’s time to add Shostakovich’s Symphony No. 5 to the Playlist No. 5. The list started with Beethoven 5 and progressed to Mahler 5, Tchaikovsky 5, Sibelius 5, Bruckner 5, and now Shostie 5. ...

San Diego Youth Symphony

Winter showcase at Symphony Hall

The San Diego Youth Symphony is a group I’ve been intending to check out for a while now, and on Saturday I made it down to Symphony Hall around 1 p.m. for their winter showcase. ...

San Diego Opera and Puccini's Tosca

The season at San Diego Opera has begun

San Diego Opera has started their season of transition with Tosca by Puccini. It should be noted that all three productions this year were established by the previous regime. This season is not an indication ...

An opera without political conviction becomes esoteric quick

Guess the esoteric pick of the week

The esoteric pick of the week is turning into the “esoteric pick of the every now and then.” For this edition we’re going to see if anyone can guess the piece. It's a silly idea ...

San Diego Opera and the politics of Tosca

It's an election year and we might be missing the politics

What if the best way to get sex from a woman was to arrest her boyfriend and threaten to kill him unless the targeted woman meets the demands of your pants? From what I can ...

Bruckner and No. 5

The number 5 keeps coming in our curated playlist

Playlist No. 5 has gone from Beethoven 5 to Mahler 5 to Tchaikovsky 5 to Sibelius 5 and now to Bruckner 5. A more logical step would be to continue into the 20th Century with ...

San Diego misses out on conductor

One of San Diego's guest conductors makes a splash in Birmingham

Recall that time when Mirga Gražinyte-Tyla came to visit the San Diego Symphony and conducted Sibelius’s Violin Concerto and Stravinsky’s The Rite of Spring? She was maybe, possibly, a candidate to be the next music ...

Clarinetist down!

Ben Folds brings his new concertos to town for the San Diego Symphony

From the Ben Folds Five through solo projects and rubbing shoulders with William Shatner, Regina Spektor, and Weird Al Yankovic, pianist/composer Ben Folds likes to keep folks head-scratching. In concert with the San Diego Symphony, ...

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