City Lights

Texas is business-friendly — to Texans

San Diego's Allen Group has found out that Texas is friendly to business — particularly Texas-based businesses.

Waste not since ’72

City checks on City Farmers’ recycling practices.

“When you’re running a small business and you get this stuff in the mail, you go, like, ‘Oh, crap.’” That was the initial reaction of Bill Tall in June when he received a letter from ...

Use brains, stay in California

Some companies move to Texas, but venture money flows to California.

Texas governor Rick Perry touts low taxes and wages, but the companies wanting brains stay in California.

Rum and hammer

Rummed-up son abused his parents

“They just said you’re not allowed to drink around us, so I just said, ‘Fine,’” Greg Foley recalled. “I just didn’t let them know that I was drinking because it would upset them.” He just ...

Do good, do well

Corporations would be well advised to please, not screw, the public.

Some politicians tell us corporations are people. Yeah — greedy people. Two years ago, one poll showed that 83 percent of people — real people — believe that companies should pursue their business goals while ...

Cross-border terminal may soon become reality

With no thanks for Ralph Nieders

There will be shovels, most likely a ribbon of some sort, and, of course, a group of well-dressed developers and public officials. They will stand at a barren plot of land in Otay Mesa, the ...

Auditor Luna gets snubbed

The downtown corporate-welfare crowd wants an “independent” auditor.

City Auditor Eduardo Luna was promised he would be independent. But after stepping on toes of the downtown crowd, he is catching flak.

San Diego among worst postal dog bite cities

In May, numbers released by the U.S. Postal Service ranked San Diego at number four in the nation for dog bites to letter carriers. Our total of 53 bites in 2013 put us off the ...

La Jolla Music outraises San Diego Opera over 10-1

Money is flowing into classical music coffers.

La Jolla Music Society has raised $50 million while San Diego Opera has raised $4.5 million. But still, the opera is doing well, given this spring's turmoil.

Two shark-protection groups get into a whale’s business

Whales, sharks, and baby birds.

It’s a whale of a tale: a respected though sometimes controversial crew of shark researchers who wanted to use a dead whale to chum great white sharks for tagging discover they won’t be allowed to, ...

How can convention centers be so dumb?

Faulty convention-center projections swallowed whole.

Although their forecasts are usually wrong by 50 percent, cities keep hiring convention center consultants.

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