City Lights

Lady Catarina has a new name

Lady Catarina Pietra Toumei and two accomplices were charged with attempting to defraud investors by claiming to be connected to the Guggenheim family as they tried to make multimillion- and billion-dollar deals for diamonds, gold, oil, and works of art. Last year she pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor and got two years of probation. Now she has changed her name, but has she changed her ways?

Super-rich buy newspapers, but...

Now the nabobs can natter in the newspapers they have purchased

Fat cats are buying newspapers. Should journalists rejoice? Not yet. The nabobs’ widely varying strategies for turning around their papers have not yet been tested. Warren Buffett, the multibillionaire wizard of Omaha, has his company, ...

City sides with developers, residents, developers again

The developer wanted more bang for its buck, the city obliged — but Rolando won’t roll over

The Boulevard at 63rd development in Rolando, formerly known as Centrepoint Luxury Apartments, becomes center of controversy as developer Carmel Partners converts the project into a quasi-dormitory that was approved by the city. Rolandans fight back, saying that a proper review wasn’t carried out before construction began.

Shell game for athletes

Pro athletes get caught in Ponzi schemes

San Diegans Bill C. (Billy) Crafton, Jr., and Todd LaRocca, representing the San Diego branch of SunTrust Banks’ Sports and Entertainment Specialty Group, allegedly bilked millions from professional sports players through a shell company named Westmoore.

Zip tie terror

The photographer brought zip-ties and duct tape

Matthew Nathan Terrell pretended he was a photographer to lure a college girl to a motel room. Once she was there, Terrell allegedly attempted to bind her with zip-ties. There was a struggle and the girl was able to get away after biting him more than once.

Ask Greece about economic gains from Olympics

Liars line up to hype future Super Bowls, NCAA Final Fours, Olympics

Such balderdash that the expansion of the San Diego Convention Center or a new Chargers stadium would result in huge revenues from the hosting of Final Four tournaments, Super Bowls, or the Olympics. Poppycock!

San Diego overlords and unions — who can stop them?

Construction-related unions, which are persuasive among Democrats, sleep with corporate welfare mendicants, who are Republicans. Result: the construction of unnecessary and wasteful structures.

Burglary Glen

Hanging out at Grandma’s, ripping off her neighbors

Eva Knott’s findings from the court files of 21-year-old Wyatt Taylor Johnson, who burglarized a handful of his grandmother’s neighbors and pawned their stolen possessions. He admitted to four counts of first-degree felony burglary and expects to get four years prison when he is sentenced on November 18.

Did Sunroad pay to play?

Local politicians have found that Sunroad is paved with stumbling blocks.

An account of the chronology and controversial communications between Sunroad corporation’s Tom Story and city officials about granting construction easements in exchange for donations to a couple of former mayor Bob Filner’s pet projects.

Sex scandals you can understand

Even our beloved Founding Fathers had sex scandals

Watergate wasn't a sex scandal, but it ignited decades of them as media learned where the money was.

Narco twitter

Baja’s TV networks can’t keep up with its social networks.

Baja's social network has boots on the ground and up-to-the-minute news to tweet — #dontcrosstheborderwithoutit.

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