Travel on the Cheap

Cabins, Karaoke and Snow Pain in Wrightwood

Giving the mountains a second chance.

Wrightwood, CA, is a ski town just 1–10 hours away from L.A., depending on traffic. Mark and I were excited for our fully stocked rented weekend cabin. It belonged to a friend’s soon-to-be ex-wife. We ...

Shoestring Travel: Madrid

Taking you to European destinations on a dime.

After leaving Barcelona and falling in love with the city, we hopped on the high-speed train to Madrid. Three hours later we arrived at our flat (that we found on AirBnb) overlooking Plaza De Santa ...

Discover Bolivia

Bolivia is unique. It is the only country in the “New World” where the indigenous still predominate. Imagine if 65% of our population was still Native American (versus the less than one percent we have ...

Madrid: The City that Always Sleeps

For a city known for nightlife, Madrid's residents sure like to sleep. Don’t expect to accomplish much in the land in la mañana. I remember hearing stories during a city tour: it took city workers ...

Cheap (Foodie) Thrills in T.J.

Is it worth crossing the border for a salad? Answer: yes.

Less than ten years ago, Tijuana was a cultural mecca for the salty, surf-inspired natives of San Diego. A gateway to the Baja Peninsula touting cheap drinks and cheaper thrills, promising an unforgettable experience with ...

Baja Is Still Baja

A food-centric tour of iconic Rosarito, Puerto Nuevo and Ensenada.

On our first of what will be many journalistic journeys south of the border, we explored the towns of Rosarito, Puerto Nuevo and Ensenada to check out some of the upper Baja’s more renowned spots. ...

Shoestring Travel: Barcelona

Taking you to European destinations on a dime (6 of 7).

After traveling all around southern Spain this past year, we figured it was finally time to give some love to northern Spain. We started with 3 days in Spain's Catelonian capital, Barcelona. The minute we ...

Shoestring Travel: Florence

Taking you to European destinations on a dime (4 of 7).

An easy 1.5-hour train ride from Rome got us into Florence midday. After gathering our bearings (and a map), we set off to drop our bags off at our flat before exploring the city. We ...

Shoestring Travel: Rome

Taking you to European destinations on a dime (3 of 7).

After several days in Berlin, the next stop on our fabulous European adventure was Rome. Neither of us had ever been to Rome before, so we were quite excited to see some of the Eternal ...

Shoestring Travel: Berlin

Taking you to European destinations on a dime.

After venturing around London, we hopped on a plane for Berlin to continue our European adventure. (To help with the story, here’s a little background on our adventure: My husband just graduated from the University ...

Shoestring Travel: London

A series taking you to European destinations on a dime (1 of 7).

After spending a year living in Edinburgh, it was sadly time for my husband and I to pack our bags and head back to San Diego. However, we weren't going to leave Europe without one ...

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