Burger Time

Accounts of the various burger joints around town.

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Whatever you do, stay south of Calle Primera

Buda Burgers, in the bad part of town

The first time I tried a Buda Burger was two years ago. My roommate had left a half-eaten burger in the fridge, and I was hungry. He later gave me directions on how to find ...

A new contender for best burger

Balboa Bar & Grill enters the fray

After I wrote about the simplicity of the burger at Rocky’s Crown Pub recently, I heard all about everybody’s favorite burger spots. Like Rocky’s, most were places that count their longevity in decades rather than ...

McDonald's commercial fooled me

I am not lovin' it.

The last time I went to McD's was in 2010 at LAX, one of the worst airports at which to eat. That day, I strayed from the burgers and got nuggets and a McFlurry. I ...

This is a new burger day!

Sticky stuff force field at Main Tap Tavern

“The End is Beer,” reads a little sign. “Uh, you do food?” I ask the gal at the bar.

Not a steak, but not a bad burger

Out of the way joint dishes it cheap and tasty

Walking into Cali Steak Burger Bar forced me into a little semantic introspection. What makes a burger a "steak burger"? For that matter, what distinguishes steak from other cuts of beef? And if you make ...

Sriracha Shutdown Inspires Burger At Slater’s 50/50

Sriracha burger is hot commodity

The 33-day Sriracha shutdown ordered by the California Department of Public Health on Huy Fong Foods in Irwindale caused a heated reaction by the owner of one southern California burger chain. Slater’s 50/50, which has ...

The Tacoburger: Part Three

Ponce's Mexican Restaurant elevates the basic burger to rare indulgence.

El Jefe says Ponce’s Mexican Restaurant (4050 Adams Avenue, 619-282-4413) has great hamburgers. He says they taste of the plancha, that it gives them that certain je ne sais quoi, like the one at Benny’s. ...

Totally stuffed at Sherman's

“Rich,” she tells me. “Too rich.” Dang. No way is it too rich for me.

Sherman’s Shack offers Ed interesting burgers and tacos… a garlic shrimp and cream cheese–stuffed burger topped with orange sweet & sour, for example.

Nessy Burger Relocates

A North County icon disappeared for a short time on Saturday, April 7. Named after the Loch Ness Monster, Nessy Burger has been around since 1989, contained in a little roadside trailer on the west ...

Tin Can Guerrilla Burgers

The Tin Can Ale House in Bankers Hill recently completed a renovation including new sea-foam green flooring, a shortened bar to make room by the stage, a kitchen, and a revamping of the venue’s namesake ...

Burger Time

Half-pound cheeseburger, $6.25 The champion bar burger, certainly for the money. It starts with the beef: fine grind, loose pack, superjuicy, good grill seasoning that keeps you taking bite after bite. A medium rare that ...

North Park’s Veg-N-Out Serves Burgers without the Burger

Decision time: Eddie’s Philadelphia Steaks or Lefty’s Chicago Pizza? I’m near Upas, quarter of nine at night. Got half an hour before the next #2 bus. Oh, what the heck. I’m on Lefty’s side of ...

Double Cheapburger

‘Where are you?” says Carla. “You don’t want to know,” I say. “Oh no. Not…?” “Yes, I’m afraid so.” “Not Mc…aaargh! Say the name.” “Mc…Mc…McD-d-d-d…” “McDonald’s. Say it!” It feels better when I finally blurt ...

The Anti-Sonic Burger

On Monday, November 2, the second Sonic Drive-In in San Diego County opened for business on the corner of Broadway and South Santa Fe Avenue in Vista. Like the Santee location, this time North County ...

Rare Burgers? Rarely

Trekking in Nepal involved 25 grueling vegan days of rice, lentils, mustard greens, noodles, barley stew, and boiled potatoes (and one glorious night of smoky yak steak and real mashed potatoes from the best darned ...

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