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Dear Hipster:

I was thinking of making my girlfriend a custom mix CD for her birthday. Good idea or bad idea?

— Jamie

Yeah. Sure. Great idea. If you guys still listen to CDs, which I’ll bet you don’t. Why does everyone feel the need to keep making mixtapes when we all have iPods and Pandora? I hate to rain on your hit parade, but you’d be better off making her a Spotify playlist so you can share it on Facebook and accumulate many Likes, thus proving your affection and showcasing your musical know-how in one move. Mix CD is totally fin, Jamie. Plus, you’re going to use a bunch of popular songs, aren’t you? Might as well say, “Let me express myself by expressing things everyone else already expressed.”

You should really try to upcycle something instead. Nothing says love like putting together a kit to for her to build her own herb garden out of used craft-beer bottles! Do-It-Yourself-DIY is deck.

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