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Light Up Gold could very well land in the stack of contemporary records that we will be listening to, and drawing inspiration from, in the coming decades. That’s a hot topic of late on social media — the growing concern about the disposable quality of so much of indie rock. But, trust me, there is nothing new about disposable pop art. The bedrock of today’s massive pile of forgotten downloads consists of all those one-hit pop wonders from radio’s over-hyped ’60s and ’70s.

Parquet Courts’ songs are simple little post-punk sonic blasts full of hooks and unexpected lyric turns. But what elevates Light Up Gold to keeper status is not so much the music but the statement the words make. Like all of the big rock albums that fueled teen angst in years past, Parquet Courts has recorded a snapshot of a lost youth coping with strange times. Parquet Courts could be the voice of their generation.

Otherwise, this is a garage-rock band in the truest sense of the word, infectious in a way that makes you want to buy a guitar and join one yourself. Now based in New York, they started in Texas in 2010. They are brothers Andrew and Max Savage, Austin Brown, and Sean Yeaton.

Light Up Gold is deceptively simple four-on-the-floor three- or five-chord constructions. As such, it’s a little different than their first CD, American Specialties, a cassette-tape release followed by a vinyl re-release. I’m guessing that the feedback from a couple of years of touring came to bear on the new disc. But that the planets all aligned on Light Up Gold, which was self-recorded in a room not much bigger than a closet over a few days, is a fragile gift that forces the question — does Parquet Courts have another one of these in them?

Parquet Courts: Ché Café, June 4, 7 p.m., 619-555-8696. $10.

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