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If the line to the men's room was any indicator, there were a lot of old guys at Humphreys reliving their prog-rock heydays. And that goes as well for the old guys onstage, a 60 percent facsimile of the most gifted version of the band Yes: Steve Howe, Alan White, and Chris Squire. No: Rick Wakeman and Jon Anderson.

Geoff Downes’s keyboard playing, like White’s drumming, was mostly adequate if not vintage. Jon Davison, a convincing Anderson clone, did a fine job aping the airy vocal paths laid down over four decades ago as the band gamely played entire albums Close to the Edge, Going for the One and The Yes Album. To say Close to the Edge was arthritic would be generous. Going for the One would have seemed an odd choice to follow it, except shorter songs made sense for these aging rock stars. Still, the last song from Going for the One, "Awaken,” seemed to do just that. For a moment it was the ’70s, and teens who had been dragged to the show by their fathers were transfixed by a compelling vision of the past.

  • Concert: Yes
  • Date: July 14
  • Venue: Humphreys
  • Seats: Stage left
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