Paint Fight

I love the idea of Painting with Prudence, mainly because I’ve come to terms with the fact that I am not an artist (“Check Out My Sizzle Reel,” Cover Story, January 12). Bob Hope’s show was sooooooo boring. But I love art! I would love to see a diverse painting show with fun and technique and travel! Keep fighting, Prudence (and you look lovely; no need to put on weight or do stunts).

Carrie C.
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Upload Her Legacy

There are thousands of Reader fans who miss Naomi Wise, aka Joan Golomb Goodwin but don’t know that they can put their thoughts and comments about her special importance in their lives on If you have a contribution to her memorial, please make your comments known at the above site before January 21 or see if you or anyone can extend the time in which memorial messages may be entered.

Thank you, Reader, for your fabulous writers who continue to make a real difference in our lives.

Alicia Kelso
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EMT Yes, QT No

Thank you for printing Christian’s article (“We’re Here for Mrs. Doe,” Feature Story, January 5). The woman he wrote about needs to be put in check. Walking into the kitchen to eat a snack, after the author and two of his colleagues struggled to carry her up a set of stairs at an alternate entrance to her home? Are you serious? Sounds to me like she could have walked right through the main entrance. Let me just say after having my eyes opened a little wider to the reality of what emergency medical professionals endure in their day-to-day duties, I’ll be waving them ahead at far more places than just Starbucks. We all owe them a much bigger thank you than a cut in line, and hopefully anyone with an attitude similar to that of the woman in the article will now offer them one of the most basic forms of gratitude: respect.

When printing time rolls around and you guys find yourself choosing between “News of the Weird” and “SD on the QT,” please publish “News of the Weird.” I find myself bewildered when “News of the Weird” is omitted but “SD on the QT” remains. I would hope the majority of your readership would prefer funny, entertaining true stories as opposed to funny, entertaining fiction. But then again, it’s always amusing to see letters from readers who mistakenly believe “SD on the QT” snippets are the real deal.

Melissa Roberts
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We Keep On Roamin’

A heartfelt “thank you” to the San Diego Canyoneers and the Reader for continuing the “Roam-O-Rama” column that my beloved husband, Jerry Schad, authored from 1993 through 2011. At the end of his life, Jerry and I spent numerous hours discussing his life’s work of exploration and writing about the beauty of nature, specifically in Southern California. I know Jerry would be thrilled that “Roam-O-Rama” continues. His intent in authoring that column was to get as many people as possible “out there” to experience nature and all its wonders. Jerry’s legacy continues and is greatly appreciated.

Peg Reiter
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