Critical masturbators: I personally will start carrying wire cutters and sticks in my car the next time I hear of an event.

My friend who works at the Hillcrest Whole Foods was caught in the middle of a pack of these and suffered $3000 damage to his car because of these holes. I used to support this organization as a live-and-let-live-type relationship until I had a biker confront me on Santa Fe Street down in Rose Canyon because he thought I had tried to “rev” my engine going up a small hill — at him. He physically assaulted me. So, in regard to these peaceful jackwagons and allowing a shared road, again, as everrrrryyyy other San Diegan I talked to has said, follow the same rules, get the same respect. Until then, expect to get bounced off your bicycle and turned into a speed bump if the rules don’t apply to you, and wear your friggin’ brain buckets ’cause it won’t be pretty, kiddies.

Cory Klarke
via email

Two-Wheel Double Standard

I read about the “road rage” against Adam Maxwell (“Pedaling Diego,” Cover Story, December 30) and his “battered” appearance at Ye Olde Bicycle Shoppe. I can say that the extreme majority of all those involved with these two parties are what I classify as “off-duty car drivers,” as that is what cyclists really are. They share their car-driving attitude against other select cyclists — more to show off, in addition to their cars.

Most cyclists, like any citizen, have double standards. Cyclists are hypocrites, being off-duty car drivers, sharing their car-driving-attitude, but expanded into the bike lane, against other two-wheelers — the bicyclists who are on lower income and commute to the convenience store down the street on an aged ATB bike, cruiser, or just carrying a plastic bag on a BMX bike. Road cyclists have their snobby dream of streamlining their Rolls-Royce lifestyle, especially in North County (narrow it to North Coastal area — specifically down to Carlsbad).

What would their attitude be like if it weren’t for their bad 5000, etc.?

Mike W.
via email

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