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Not too many of my friends make as lousy or bizarre hair choices as me. However, one of my friends went from normal long, brown hair to semi-short and choppy, spiked, vibrant Jennifer Garner--red hair over a summer. Nowadays, her hair changes hues and lengths. Some months it's fire-truck red. Other times, it's the color of red wine or even pinkish red.

Looking back in hair history, I would have to say that the funniest, most bizarre hair era was the age of the powdered wigs. Women wore wigs that were several times larger than their heads, full of gigantic white curls. The men had approximately the same hair. It just doesn't get much better. -- Derrick Sun, Mt. Carmel H.S.

I have never had the guts to get a bizarre hairstyle, but sometimes I wish I could dye my hair hot pink. Maybe just to see what it looks like or to make people talk. I think about it often, but I never dare to do it. I used to pity people who got bad haircuts because I had never experienced one myself. Recently, I have been trying something new: cutting my own bangs. The first few times, the bangs turned out great, but the last cut was horrendous. Instead of stylish side bangs, they turned out to be chopped little-kid bangs. After three cuts of the scissors, I watched my pretty brown hair hit the bathroom floor. I stood and screamed for a few minutes with what was left of my bangs in my hands. I had cut them about an inch and a half above my eyebrow. My bangs now sit, piled atop my head in bobby pins. I avoid taking them down at any cost; after I shower, I pin them back right away. I have decided not to laugh at anyone's ugly haircuts because I understand that sometimes people have accidents.

If I could live in any time period, just for the hairstyles, I would live in the 1920s. The short, sleek hair looked so clean and romantic. I think that the short hairstyles in the '20s helped most women look elegant. A time period that I would never want to have hair from is the 1980s. The overdone fluffy bangs or giant crimps made most people look ridiculous. An icon from the 1980s that had bizarre hair was Tina Turner. I am glad that the huge-hair style has faded, and I feel bad for whoever had to follow that trend of hideous hair. -- Natalie Venolia, Ramona H.S.

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