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There was a lesson to be derived from every episode. For instance, one show was about the female bully of the school, Helga, who did not treat her older sister, Olga, nicely. Olga tried to show love for her little sister, but Helga repelled it until the very end, when both recognized the need for sisterly love. My brother and I used to argue constantly and I could have applied that lesson to my own situation...but I didn't. The point is, though, I could have.

I did learn at least a couple of things from Hey Arnold -- how to be a good friend and how to solve life's little problems. -- Alexis Sebring, Carlsbad H.S.

Lost. The mention of the word can put a panicky look in someone's eyes...mine, at least. Lost is the best TV show ever! Every Wednesday, I sit and stare at the fast-paced action and sometimes chilling scenes that play out on a creepy island. My favorite main characters are Jack and Sawyer. Jack, because he has that "I'm the hero" aura, and Sawyer, because he's, well, Sawyer. Ha-ha! Every episode is complex, which makes me go mad for more. One of my favorite episodes is when Locke and Kate go into the mysterious hatch with Jack. He follows them, in case he has to play hero. It was eerie when a beam of light enveloped Kate, who was in the hatch and then disappeared. I had dreams about that scene for a few days. Every episode is new and exciting, with surprising twists. So, every episode is my favorite.

Whenever it comes on, I rush to the TV. I even have my cell-phone alarm set to go off five minutes before show time. I usually watch the show with my parents, but they don't understand the show as well as I do. Both of them are too busy rolling their eyes at me in amusement! The only other person I know who is as crazy about Lost as I am is my multi-cultural lit. teacher, Ms. Thomas. Thank goodness someone is! -- Lee Ann Gonzales, Monte Vista H.S.

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