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Considering that John McCain is a former military leader, Hillary Clinton may be more qualified for the job of presidency. With the current military-based president, our country has been in shambles. -- Natalie Venolia, Ramona H.S.

America the beautiful is so attractive that mostly men have had the privilege of running her. Is it possible to have a woman as president of the United States? Well, Hillary Clinton and her supporters think it is. At this point, America is not emotionally stable enough to handle a woman president...especially Hillary. Who knows why she wants to run? Is it to show up her oh-so-loyal hubby? Besides that point, the thought of a woman who has such a power-hungry and manipulative reputation running the country scares me. Rumor has it she set up a system to monitor her husband's girlfriends. Now, if we had a president that used that form of control, America wouldn't work so well. Don't get me wrong -- I don't know all the facts about Hillary, but the pieces of information I do know are unsettling.

Luckily for me, and Republicans, John McCain will run in this next election. A man going up against a woman for president is an interesting situation to think about, but I think we all know who stands a better chance. People aren't sexist, but I don't believe they're about to choose a woman over a man yet.

America is indeed beautiful, and its spirit strong. To keep this country thriving, I think we ought to stick with tradition and stay out of the unknown realms that could lead us to destruction. -- Alexis Sebring, Carlsbad H.S.

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