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Although I am fairly responsible and hold up my end of the bargain most of the time, I avoid confrontations when it comes to other people doing their part. I hate having to reprimand people for being irresponsible. For instance, if I have a group project and my partner doesn't do their part, although I may be angry and feel used, I will not say anything to them or my teacher. I would rather just get the work done by myself than have to confront the slackers in order to be able to work on it together. I know that this trait is a weakness. My parents are constantly telling me that if I don't speak up for myself people will walk all over me. I guess it's just one of those traits/fears that I will have to overcome with time and practice, kind of like public speaking. -- Marion Finocchiaro, Grossmont Middle College H.S.

As a child, I watched a lot of television. I wasn't the most social kid. My friends were imaginary and my adventures were unrealistic. I was a seven-year-old dreamer who knew nothing about the real world but everything about fantasy. I lived in the clouds, and because of that I never expected to fail at my endeavors. Now, although I am 17, I sometimes forget that my life is not a television show. I tend to disregard certain circumstances because I expect to be taken care of by the fate that helps out the characters on my TV shows. My problems can't be wrapped up in 30 minutes, and a serious problem can't be fixed with a change of the script. I can't fight with a friend and expect us to make up the next day without discussing the problem. I can't get an F on a test and get a second chance and then earn an A.

I know everything is not Beaver Cleaver and I am not one of the Brady Bunch, but those shows still affect me because I lived in the TV world as a child. But, now that I'm older and somewhat wiser, I've come to realize that a script doesn't choose my fate.

Still, none of that changes who I am. I am a romantic, a dreamer, and nostalgic. I believe in miracles, happily ever afters, and second chances. I believe in TV...and I believe in me. -- Andres Perez, Valhalla H.S.

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