Erin's shoes

College Area, SDSU
Abercrombie & Fitch, $17

These are Abercrombie sandals that I had to buy for work. I work at Abercrombie in the Fashion Valley mall, and they require rubber-soled sandals. I could have bought any pair of sandals, but now I have this little plastic moose logo on the straps of the sandal. Most of my friends wear a brown leather sandal called Rainbows. College-age girls tend to wear a lot of Steve Madden shoes. Last year, I bought a pair of Pumas, and they weren’t happening for me. They were the old-school blue ones with the white stripe. I wore them twice and then never again. I don’t know what it was about them that didn’t work. My Rainbow sandals are probably my favorite shoes. They’re the kind of sandals that are comfortable and mold to your feet. Rainbow mainly makes guys’ shoes. Just recently Rainbow started making sandals for women, and the only real difference is that their girls’ shoe is a little narrower. Everyone wears sandals down here. I’m originally from the Los Angeles area, so my parents always ask me why I’m wearing sandals when I go home to visit.

Hillary's shoes

Pacific Beach
Brand unknown, $30

These are flip-flops, and I have no idea what brand they are. They were last year’s Christmas gift from my sister. I usually like a good pair of stilettos with a pointy toe; that’s kind of the in thing now. Aldo is my new favorite shoe store. The reason that I decided to wear these shoes is that I got a pedicure yesterday and I wanted to show off my toes. The laid-back, cool, hip crowd wears my shoe. I own a pair of brown leather slip-on shoes that look good but are really uncomfortable. My favorite pair of shoes has to be my black knee-high boots. I wear them all the time. They look good with a miniskirt. They’re the kind of shoes that you’d wear to a club. My mom doesn’t like my choice of shoes. I fall down a lot. I’m uncoordinated and I trip on things. There was this pair of shoes I had with a bow on them — they were really high heeled — and I tripped and fell down my mom’s stairs while carrying a Jell-O mold. She says that half the reason I fall is the shoes I wear.

Mike's shoes

Mike Gustovson
La Jolla
Merrell Moccasin, $70

I’m wearing a pair of Merrell slip-on moccasin-style shoes. Merrell is a very comfortable shoe. I bought them at Road Runner Sports about a month ago in the Kearny Mesa area. Besides being comfortable, they’re a reasonably priced shoe. The Nike All Conditions Gear line of shoes is pretty popular with my friends. They’re known as a trail-running shoe and are good for most outdoor activities. My favorite shoes are a pair of Nike Air Max. I’ve had them since high school. I take good care of them. When I bought them, they cost about $120. Since I’ve had them for about six to seven years, I think they were well worth the money. I was fortunate that price wasn’t an issue growing up. I don’t think I’d be caught dead wearing a pair of shoes that cost over a hundred and fifty bucks. I’d wear Timberlands, any basketball shoe, and I even own a pair of Dr. Martens.

Kimmy's shoes

Rancho Peñasquitos, Scripps Ranch High School
Converse All Stars, $35

These are Converse low-tops. I like them because they go along with my style. I bought them two years ago, and they’re still the style of shoe that my friends wear. My friends also wear Vans, but I once had a pair and I stopped wearing them after a couple months. Converse also makes a high-top with the anarchy logo on them; those are one of my favorites. I bought those at Journeys, and I think they’re pretty cool. The shoes that I’m wearing are my real favorites. They are the only pair of shoes that I have from before my house burned down. I saved the things that really mattered, like my guitar and animals. I don’t go shopping that often, so I don’t know where I would go buy shoes if I wanted to buy a lot of shoes. Some of my friends call the shoes I wear clown shoes, but my parents are cool with the shoes that I choose to wear. You would never see me in a pair of those tan boots with the fur in them. They are just way too girlie.

Simion's shoes

Simion Jordan
North Park
Airs, $14

I actually just picked these up at the Ethiopian store down on 54th Street. They’re not Nike Air, they’re just Airs. I needed them at the time, so I bought them. For the money, they’re pretty comfortable and don’t hurt my feet after walking around. I bought some Reebok Classics recently, and I was pretty disappointed with them. It was something about the material of the shoe. They were comfortable, but they didn’t look the same as the kind of Reebok that I used to sport back in the day. I owned a pair of Penny Hardaway Nike Air that I really liked. They looked good and were extremely comfortable. The only problem with basketball shoes is that they get old fast because there’s always new styles coming out. When my parents bought me the Penny Hardaway Nike Airs, they told me to be careful and not mess them up. For me, as long as the shoes I wear are suitable for what I’m doing and where I am, it doesn’t matter what kind of shoe they are or where I buy them. I still don’t think I would ever walk down the street in a pair of Zips. Everybody clowns Zips but your momma, and your momma would clown them, but she’s usually the one paying for them.

Eric's shoes

Eric Johnson
El Cajon, Granite Hills High School
K-Swiss, $60

These are black Classic K-Swiss. Not just anybody can wear these kind of shoes; you need to be top-notch. Black shoes match with everything you got. I bought these, like, two weeks ago at Foot Locker. Once I got a pair of Hyperflight Nike Air, and they looked cool for a minute. After a while though, they began to look trashy. K-Swiss have to be the best shoe: they look good when you first buy them, and they look good when you’re wearing them. My parents don’t trip on the shoes that I buy, because I get my own money. Like any parents, they only ask that I spend my money wisely. If I were to go out and spend all my money on shoes, I’d probably have a whole closet of K-Swiss. I’d have a pair of shoes to go with every outfit and two pairs of shoes for Sunday. If I didn’t have any money to buy shoes, I’d have someone else buy the shoes for me. I’d never wear a pair of red Chuck Taylor Converse. Where I live, you can’t wear red Chuck Taylor; it’d be too dangerous. I’m a big baller, so I buy whatever shoes I want, but you couldn’t pay me to wear a pair of red shoes.

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