Kelly's shoes

Kelly McCumber
Del Mar
Volatile, $40

I’m wearing Volatile shoes. I like them because they have a big sole, but they’re also a tennis shoe. I picked them up right before Christmas at a Journeys shoe store. The best thing about them is that they make me taller. Without shoes, I’m only five foot one, so it’s nice to wear a comfortable shoe that makes me feel taller and looks cute at the same time. Normally, my friends wear a lot of boots, but they also like to wear the old Chuck Taylor Converse All Star for a more casual look. When I bought a pair of shoes from Target, they were inexpensive, but they killed my feet. They were a pair of platforms that I only wore once because they hurt so bad. My Chuck Taylor Converse All Stars actually aren’t all that comfortable, but I still think they are my favorite shoe that I own. I think if money weren’t a thing that I thought about, I would go to, like, Italy and buy the shoes directly from the big designers. The Reef sandals have to be the best, though, for anyone on a budget, because they’re less than ten bucks and they last forever.

Christina's shoe

Christina Oliveras
Del Mar, MiraCosta College
Nine West, $80

These are boots from Nine West. They have a square, nearly round toe, because I won’t wear a shoe with a point toe. I bought them two months ago at Nordstrom. It’s nice to buy shoes from Nordstrom, because they have a great warranty. Ever since I was little, I’ve worn the same style of shoe. I haven’t fallen for the trendy pointed-toe shoes. Before, I used to wear penny loafers, because they had the same cut. The people I know wear whatever is cute. I have a great pair of Roxy sandals that have a little bit of a heel. Of course, they are black, because that’s the color I wear the most. Pink just doesn’t do it for me. For other girls pink can be cute, but not on me. A lot of people that I went to high school with at Torrey Pines always wore the trendy brands. I find when something becomes trendy, that’s when I want to stop wearing it. Although I do find myself wearing what happens to be trendy, but that’s because I wear what I like.

Angela's shoes

Angela Villanueva
College Area, Mesa College
Cathy Jean, $45

I’m wearing shoes by Cathy Jean. They were a gift from my best friend. We had gone shopping together, and I pointed them out and said that I liked them. A girl in my Spanish class at school actually had them, but I didn’t know where she got them. Steve Madden, Cathy Jean, Nomad flip-flops with the big foamy heels, and those cheap Old Navy flip-flops are the kinds of shoes that my friends wear. There are so many shoes that I regret having bought. I love Old Navy flip-flops, because they go with everything. I have three pairs of them, in blue, black, and white. My mom and I both bought a pair of the Dr. Scholl’s wooden-looking shoes; she got them in tan, I got them in white. I would probably buy all Steve Madden shoes if I could. I don’t think I could wear a lot of the trendy shoes on a regular basis. Those boots with lace-up high heels and pointed toes that Jennifer Lopez wore have to be the shoe that I would never wear.

Emily's shoes

Emily Adler
University Heights, SDSU
Tilt, $13

These are a pair of flip-flops that I bought at the Pacific Sunwear in Mission Valley about two years ago. I bought them for comfort. Flip-flops are fun and easy to wear. For casual wear or when I work out, I like to wear a pair of Nike or Adidas. A lot of my friends wear shoes like Louis Vuitton and Steven Madden. I live with a sorority girl; she and her friends are all about Steve Madden shoes. Even though Louis Vuitton shoes are expensive, they can still hurt your feet if they’re heels. You have to warm up the shoe by breaking them in a little. I never regret buying Louis Vuitton, because they’re great shoes. My favorite shoes have to be a pair of sparkly Steve Madden shoes that I wear when I go out. When I was in high school, my parents thought that I spent a little too much on shoes. I’d spend at least a hundred bucks a month on shoes, and that was usually only one pair. If I could, I would go to Europe and buy Gucci, Versace, and all the other kinds of good shoes. I’ve been to this place in LA that’s a big outlet and has last season’s shoes for a fraction of the price. You can walk out with a cute pair of shoes for, like, 20 bucks.

Andrew's shoes

Andrew Rodriguez
Pacific Beach, Mission Bay High School
Converse All Stars, $35

I’m wearing a pair of Chuck Taylor All Star Converse. I picked them up about five months ago. Chucks are a kind of universal shoe that everyone wears at some point in life; I figured now is my time to wear a pair. A lot of my friends also wear Chucks. It’s like the underground punk scene that wears Chucks. In the past, I’ve paid a hundred bucks for a pair of skate shoes, and I realize now that they were totally overpriced. I ended up tearing them up pretty bad just by skating in them. My favorite pair of shoes had to be a pair of Etnies low-cut skate shoes. They lasted about six months, and I used them a lot. My parents are glad that I’m wearing Chucks right now, because they’re definitely cheaper than most skate shoes. If I had a lot of money to spend on shoes, I’d probably just buy a whole bunch of different colors of Chucks. If I were really broke, I’d shop around and look for the cheapest pair of Chucks that I could get. I would never wear a pair of really expensive, superbright-colored basketball shoes. I think shoes are overpriced. Some shoemakers definitely use sweatshops, and you know that those don’t cost them anything.

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