David's shoes

David Whittimore
College Area/SDSU
DVS, $70

DVS. They’re a kind of skateboarding shoe. It’s been over a year since I bought them in some random surf-and-skate shop in North County. They’re all black, really comfortable, and they look good with everything else I wear. I never actually skate in them — I just like them because they’re comfortable. Skate shoes happen to be the style of shoes that my friends also wear. I like DVS, but some of my friends also wear éS, which is another good brand of skate shoe. Black dress shoes are a waste of money because I never end up wearing them. My parents must like the shoes I have, because they always pay for them.

Brian's shoes

Brian Dunn
Serra Mesa, West Hills High School
Payless brand, $15–$20

These are restaurant-style shoes. I bought them about nine months ago, so they were well worth the money. A lot of kids at school wear skateboard-style shoes because they’re the most trendy kind of shoe around. I definitely regret buying a pair of soccer cleats. The first week that I had them, they tore the back of my foot and wore my heel raw. Not too much later, the same cleats ended up falling apart. I hate any shoe with pink on it. Pink shoes are girl shoes, and no guy should ever wear pink. Now, the old Michael Jordan Nike basketball shoes, those were probably my favorite pair of shoes ever. I remember when I got them, back when I was in third grade, and I was the most popular kid in school that week. Now that I pay for my own shoes, my parents don’t care what kind of shoes I wear. When I get paid, maybe I’ll buy a pair of the Vans slip-on shoes to look good for the ladies.

Katie's shoes

Katie West
Tierrasanta, Serra High School
Nordstrom boot, $65

I’m wearing a pair of black-heeled boots. It’s been two years since I bought them at the Nordstrom in Fashion Valley. It was wintertime and I needed a warm pair of shoes, and these were really cute. Usually my friends and I wear Reef sandals, but it gets cold, so you need to have something else to wear. A lot of other kids at school wear Nike, but that’s not really my style. I once bought these shoes from Payless that had four-inch heels, and they gave me major blisters the next day. That’s what I love about these shoes; they’re comfortable even though they’re about to tear in half because I wear them all the time. I still Super Glue them together, because I love them. If I could buy any shoe, I’d probably buy something like Prada. I would never want to wear the European boots that have square toes, but boots with pointed toes look good.

Francisco's shoes

Francisco Mayer
Chula Vista, Saint Augustine High School
Outlet brand, $10

I got these shoes at a San Ysidro outlet store. I’m not sure what the brand is, but for ten bucks I don’t care. I bought them last week, and I’ve been happy with them, because they look pretty good. My friends all wear Diesel, Vans, and Converse. The skater kids tend to go with Vans and Converse. The kids at school that wear Diesel are usually the rich kids from Tijuana. I once bought a pair of Vans for, like, 90 bucks, and they turned out to be not worth it. When I first bought them, they looked appealing to me, but they were just normal shoes. The best pair of shoes that I had were a pair of Adio skate shoes. What I liked about them was that they were durable and lasted me over a year. If a pair of shoes costs too much, my parents make me pay half. There are some outrageous prices for shoes, like the Kobe Bryant basketball shoe. Adidas made them, and they looked like boxes. I would never wear those.

James's shoes

James Fairview
Point Loma High School
Nike Air Force One, $79

These right here are the Nike Air Force One. I bought them on the Navy base a year ago. I got them because they have yellow on them and they match the yellow on my Lakers jersey. Nike and Converse are the most popular among my friends, because we all play basketball. None of my friends wear the old-school Chuck Taylor Converse, even though they’re making a comeback because of the throwback jerseys that are popular with sports fans and the hip-hop crowd. My Kobe Bryant Adidas were my biggest regret. They were $120 when I bought them. Two months later, they went down to $30 when his new shoe line came out. My favorite shoes are a pair of baby blue Timberland boots that I got to match my throwback Lakers jersey. Timberland, or Tims as most people call them, are a great boot. I have four pairs of them. My mom is really into fashion, so she likes it that I have a closet full of shoes.

Gloria's shoes

Gloria Hu
Mira Mesa, UCSD
New Balance, $79

New Balance running shoes are what I’m wearing. I bought them at the Shoe Pavilion. They look good, and they’re comfortable for all the walking that I do around campus. My friends wear a lot of Adidas and Pumas. I don’t think any of my friends wear any brand names for formal shoes. I’ve been to Asia and have bought shoes from street vendors for, like, ten bucks that looked nice but hurt my feet. There are also a lot of fake brand-name shoes for cheap in Asia. It’s always pretty obvious that they’re fake; instead of “Gucci,” it will say “Kucci.” Adidas are my all-time favorites. Old-school Adidas shell toes rock. The only reason that I bought New Balances instead was that these were probably on sale. My dad also has the same pair, because he likes to hike and be active. If I could afford any shoe, I’d probably get a pair of Jimmy Chu shoes. I have no idea where they sell them though. If I had no money to buy shoes, I would stock up on shoes on my next trip to Asia. The plane ticket might offset the savings, but I would have a suitcase full of Kucci.

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