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— While she was at the criminal court, Brown served Dorman with notice of a civil lawsuit he had filed against her, "for all kinds of things," he says, "such as intentional infliction of emotional distress and defamation. She had been defaming me by saying that I ride from my ranch to my office in downtown in a sheriff's helicopter, which has never happened."

Why the suit? "Because this woman wouldn't stop. She was like a Rottweiler on me."

The civil suit was settled, in February of this year, for $75,000 or, if Dorman couldn't come up with the cash, she was to cede her interest in the Double B to Brown. But she had neither the money -- she's on Social Security because of chronic poor health -- nor the land. "She had deeded her interest in her property," Brown says, "to her mother's trust, of which she is the beneficiary."

Brown has sued Dorman again, alleging "fraudulent conveyance of her asset," he says. "Between being served the papers [last August] and when we had our settlement conference out in El Cajon [in February], she took her interest in the Double B and transferred it to her mother's trust. That was a fraudulent conveyance if it was done to avoid having it subject to settlement."

Dorman counters, "I had borrowed money from my mother in order to pay off lawyers. I couldn't pay her back, so I went ahead and gave her the property."

"I told her the last time I saw her," Brown says, "and our lawyers were there, 'Look, this has gone on too far, the stress level is way too high for you and for me. Why don't you and I reach an agreement? If you want some more money for [your interest in the land], fine.' Because I want her out of there. Or I want $75,000."

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