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When Your Hair Is Gone, You'll Be Surprised How Tiny Your Head Is

I begin, sounding very much like a ticket agent, by saying, “Let’s see, we’ve got bald men, chemo people, people who cross-dress, and transsexuals. Who else?” “Well, there are also women,” says Donna Good, “who ...

Smoke Blowers

As politicians, real estate developers, and other sharks know, voters will fall for con jobs about creation of jobs. That's why, as the post-fire rhetoric heats up, we must discern who is blowing hot air, ...

Tijuana's Big Bus Quandary

For the legions of nondriving workers who live in Tijuana's eastern colonias, the commute into downtown can be made one of three ways. One is route taxis, also known as collective taxis. They are the ...

Empty Jacuzzi

Rubbing elbows with gay men

They were looking at pictures from when they got to sing backup for Barry Manilow. I asked them if Manilow was gay, and they looked at me as if I asked whether Spike Lee was black.

A bit about bikes

Heymatt: Why is it that I can balance myself on a bicycle when it's moving, but I can't when it's stopped. When you think about it, that doesn't make sense. Or does it? -- Bikeman, ...

Where wildfires have gone in San Diego, wildflowers will follow

Now that San Diego County's historic megafires are extinguished, outdoor-oriented folks — and the just plain curious — are anxious to get out there and do some sightseeing. The full recovery of the natural landscape ...

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