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These Women Can Paint an American Flag on Your Thumbnail

“I believe in Buddha. I have a Buddha who is always smiling. Every morning when I come early, I drink coffee and ask him, ‘Buddha, make me lucky today.’ ” Tuanh (Ann) Nguyen, manager of ...

A Stalled Recall

First District city councilmember Scott Peters won't be recalled this year, but his cozy relationships with developers -- and their possible behind-the-scenes role in fighting the recall -- could provide anti-Peters fuel if he runs ...

Explore a new link of the Trans County Trail in Los Peñasquitos Canyon.

Work on the Trans County Trail ("Pines to Spines" Trail) between the pines of Torrey Pines State Reserve and the spines of the Anza-Borrego Desert continues. Some 70 percent of the trail's segments have been ...

The car-bug connection

Dear Matthew Alice: Say I trap a fly in my car when I go down the highway going 70 miles an hour. Why doesn't the fly get smashed against the back window, assuming flies can't ...

The late, lamented Five Points

Hey Matt: The Mission Hills residential area south of Washington to about Chalmers or Vine is sometimes referred to as "Five Points." Is Five Points technically part of Mission Hills or just an informal name ...

Send my absentee ballot to the county lock-up

Mighty Matt: We have an election coming up. Which gets me to wondering, can felons vote in California? — Good Citizen, Vista When was the last time you saw a candidate detour the campaign bus ...

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