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Hey, Matt:

I keep hearing what I think is a commercial in a foreign language on several of the local radio stations. It goes something like this. "Icky, socky, ramey, afamey, Baja California, Mexico." What the heck is the female announcer saying?

-- Sanmich, the net

Well, now you've done it, Sanmich. The elves like "icky-socky" so much, they've been badgering Grandma Alice all day to turn on the icky-socky station, turn on the icky-socky station. They're driving us crazy. Or crazier than usual anyway. In fact, your señorita is giving a station break. She's saying, "Ek-ees eh ah-chay air-ay em-ay, ef-ay em-ay, Ba-ha Cah-lee-for-nee-ah, Meh-hee-co." In the spoken Spanish alphabet, that's XEHRM-FM (ek-ees, X; eh, E; ah-chay, H...you get the picture). There are icky-socky TV stations, too.

XE is the assigned call-letter prefix for all Mexican broadcasters, the way the U.S. uses K in the West and W in the East (oh, okay, except for KDKA in Pittsburgh). And of course who could forget that border-radio anthem "I Heard It on the Icky" by Zet-ah Zet-ah Top.

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