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Murders Most Foul

Horrors of "The Red Book"

Simply shooting oneself, jumping off a bridge, hanging, etc., doesn't count.

Names as Weapons

Are San Diego County Health Services failing to stop the spread of HIV? Dr. Cary Savitch thinks so. And it's not just San Diego. "You're looking at the biggest public-health blunder of our lifetime," he ...

In the Doghouse

If animals could talk, they, too, might express opinions about recent changes at the San Diego Humane Society and Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA), which investigates complaints of abuse and serves ...

Mordant Mordida

Did San Diego utility giant Sempra Corp. pay $410,000 in bribes to a Mexican company in order to expedite construction of a natural gas pipeline it wanted to build from San Diego to Rosarito? So ...

Stan and Ollie

Cats help Gary Sassaman adjust.

Gary Sassaman is elusive. The 43-year-old enjoys his work as a news graphic designer for KUSI-TV; he also has good friends and likes to spend time with them. But like many artists, he seems best ...

Observers of marine life in the intertidal zone can take advantage of this week's extreme low tides.

The highest and lowest tides of the year 2000 occur today, Thursday, January 20. Why today? There are three primary reasons. First, the moon has reached full phase. At this position (and at new moon, ...

Class Struggle

What USD students think

You go away to college, and you have a certain percentage of friends who don’t go. Well, within the first year and a half, you have nothing in common. You’re going to class full-time, they’re working at McDonald’s.”

San Diego: America's Mail-Theft Capital

“Honey, honey, don’t run! Please, honey, stay there!” The girl strains forward and yells from the back seat of the patrol car. But as the officer door-knocks, Honey bails through the living room window into ...

Babysitting horror

Other people's kids

I walked to Bob’s house at 5:00. Bob had his coat in his hand when he greeted me. Bob's hair was still wet from the shower, and the smell of his aftershave made my eyes water in the dry mountain air.


My husband Patrick is a meat-and-potatoes guy. He orders his steak rare when dining out, and a dinner is thought impotent without a slab of meat at its core. One can imagine his surprise the ...

Class Struggle

"One really popular girl asked one of the mentally challenged kids to a dance just because they thought it was funny. but he didn’t know he was the brunt of every single joke.”

Is there a plant that is a good source of testosterone?

For Matthew Alice: Flax seed is supposed to be a good source of plant estrogen. Is there any such thing as plant testosterone? (Er...not that I need any extra, of course.) -- Kennedy Gammage, Vista ...

Is it wrong to scoop money from a public fountain?

Dear Matthew Alice: Occasionally while walking about, I may spy a penny or other small coin lying there on the ground. Certainly no one objects if I reach down, retrieve the wayward copper (or silver), ...

What is Occam's Razor?

Matt: What's the skinny on clean-shaven prisoners? Since they take away shoestrings and belts from them to prevent hanging, I would assume they don't issue razor blades. So how come so many prisoners are clean ...

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