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Home on the Water

A precarious life in San Diego Bay's A-8 anchorage

From a distance, it looked like the home of a prince or minor lord — the castle’s four turrets and dark crenellated walls. But as I got closer, I saw that what seemed to be ...

Bird Talk

When she walks along Pacific Beach in the warm evenings of summer, Renee Lowe turns heads. The 38-year-old has long brown hair and the good looks that once made her a teen model, but it ...

What's the real deal with divining rods?

Dear Matt: What's the real deal with divining rods? I've used a couple of wire coat hangers and straightened them out thus [clever illustration included], and I have found water pipes. But I'm puzzled as ...

How do you get permission from Caltrans to put up memorial markers between the 163 and 52 overpass?

Hey, Matt: I commute to work by bike down Kearny Villa Road, and between the 163 overpass and the 52 overpass are two markers, one on each side of the road. The west side marker ...

Can you please answer this puzzle for me?

Mr. Alice: This puzzle has been driving me crazy. So there are three guys in a hotel and they order a pizza. It costs $30. Each guy chips in $10. But when the pizza delivery ...

Visit El Monte Park near Lakeside, where massive oaks spread below the stony gaze of "El Capitan" mountain.

Tucked against a rocky, sunburnt hillside in the San Diego River valley outside Lakeside, El Monte Regional Park is a shock to the eye on a bright summer day. The park spreads across 98 flat ...

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