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Impostor Poodles and Phantom Limbs

This cover story has not yet been posted. However, you can download the digital edition to view any story from this issue.

Fly a kite in the summer breeze at Harry Griffin Park

Sparsely visited Harry Griffin Park, tucked away in Grossmont Summit where La Mesa and El Cajon adjoin, has for years remained one of East County's well-kept secrets. As the largest park within La Mesa's city ...

Slow Death in Slag Valley

Have two of San Diego's most prominent environmentalists sold out to NAFTA? Lori SaldaƱa, ex-chair of the San Diego/Imperial Sierra Club, and Diane Takvorian, Environmental Health Coalition executive director, have both accepted White House appointments ...

Frisbee Studliness

Sometime during the first day of the first official Goaltimate tourney in the history of the world, I found myself eaves-dropping on a conversation between Jim Herrick, one of the founders of the sport, and ...

Is there an underwater tunnel from the ocean side of Pt. Loma to the bay side?

St. Matthew: Gospel truth, please, to settle once and for all, is there an underwater tunnel from the ocean side of Pt. Loma into the bay? Apocryphal tales say yeah, cuz kids dumped dye on ...

Do French maids really dress like French maids?

Dear Matthew: Do French maids really dress like French maids? -- Tony Falde, San Diego Well, yeah, Tony. They tried dressing like deep-sea divers, but it was tough doing floors and windows. In fact, that's ...

Why does a hand in warm water while asleep cause bed wetting?

To: Matthew Alice: I've never been much of a camper, but I've heard that as a trick, the person that falls asleep first has his hand placed in a bucket of warm water, which causes ...

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