Hansel and Gretel Get Baked

In this surprisingly faithful retelling, Gretel (Molly C. Quinn) and her boyfriend Ashton (Andrew James Allen) are stoners who get their hands on a gnarly quarter-ounce of Black Forest, the El Dorado of weed. It hails from the enchanted forest, a labyrinthine grow room in the basement of the wicked witch Agnes’ (Lara Flynn Boyle) spacious Pasadena home. Ashton ventures off on his own and winds up getting twice-baked: once by the Black Forest and again in Agnes’ kiln. Enter non-user Hansel (Michael Welch) and a gang of local pushers to wage various battles against the all-consuming witch. H&G never reaches the causticity of Freeway, Matthew Bright’s scabrously satiric take on the Little Red Riding Hood saga, but I chuckled more times than anticipated. Skittles replace breadcrumbs only long enough for one of our players to get the munchies and eat the return directions. 2013.

2.0 stars

— Scott Marks

This movie is not currently in theaters.


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