quillpena Entries for April, 2010


Tundra # 15

Portia and Jessica were good friends and they along with Ruthie were as thick as thieves. If you saw one ...

Tundra # 14

Three years after Tundra moved in, Portia asked April if she could leave her pet ferret, Maynard, with us for ...

The Hesitant Rhinoceros

The Rhinoceros snorted through its great dark nostrils and slowly shook its gnarled head this way and that. Its immense ...

Hell Is What You Hate

I hate washing dishes. And I’ll bet that’s what hell is too, doing whatever it is you hate the most, ...

The Big Lebowski

"Hey, nice marmot."

Jesus "H" Christ

When I hear someone say, "Jesus H. Christ," I always wonder what the "H" stands for. Probably hippie.

Tundra # 13

The picnic table remained Mushroom’s most revered spot in our yard, so, naturally, it became Tundra’s too. At first, I ...

Tundra # 12

In OB, Sam only picked up one new sound that I was aware of. On foggy nights, the foghorns sounded ...

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