Outdoor San Diego Entries for November, 2008


Rainbow Season, Fremont Cottonwoods, Venus & Jupiter, the Moon's Chesire Cat Smile

"Rainbow season" arrives with the first rains of late fall. Scattered showers are best for rainbow watching: sunlight refracting and ...

Atmosphereic Ice Crystals, Liquidambar Trees, and Sycamores

Atmospheric ice-crystal effects are often observed, starting about this time of year, because of the frequent appearance of high clouds ...

Temperature Inversions, Tides, Sunrise/Sunset, and the Leonid Meteor Shower

Low-lying temperature inversions commonly occur in San Diego as winter approaches. During the night and morning hours, a meterological condition ...

Santa Anas, Monarchs, and Acorns

Santa Ana winds in San Diego County often reach their greatest intensity during November, particularly at the mountain passes, where ...

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