Rock Around the Town Entries for December, 2007


Did Andrew Cunanan Kill Local Comic Book Publisher??

City rankings on various year-end lists, and the inside story of an infamous local murder

SOME LOCAL NUMBERS FOR 2007 San Diego ranked #17 in U.S. terrestrial radio market earnings last year, with 45 operating ...

Tattoos that rock and Wild Man Fischer finally talks

Local tattooists talk rock, and a rare chat with legendary Zappa protégé Wild Man Fischer

Tattoo shops flourish in San Diego, and pretty much always have. Customers used to be perceived, correctly or not, as ...

Birth of a Bandname - 50 Locals Reveal Their Bandname Stories, plus My Brunch With Yoko

Instead of a lawsuit, I was served brunch…

DUFF-O-CIDE "A Duff is a Designated Ugly Fat Friend. They are most commonly spotted within a small group of girls ...

"What's Your Favorite Twilight Zone?" 25 Local Musicos Talk Twilight, plus ShatFest

Plus all the Shat you can eat (and THEN some), and '70s cartoon psychedelia

JON KANIS: "If I had to pick only one of the 156, I'd probably say 'The Dummy' starring San Diegan ...

We Asked 25 Local Musicos "Lennon or McCartney?", plus RIP Ike Turner, FYI Rockin’ Rob’n

Bad blood and new blood -- Goodbye Ike and Hello Rob’n

WE ASKED LOCAL MUSICIANS “LENNON OR McCARTNEY? JAMIE RENO signed a national record deal in 2004 with 33rd Street Records ...

Why Britney Spears Hates San Diego (and we're not fond of her, either)

The Access Hollywood promo showed Britney Spears flashing flesh, as a hyperactive voiceover announced “Britney is willing to do anything ...

Cartoonist Confessions - Secrets Behind Overheard In San Diego & Famous Former Neighbors

Plus bad reviews for the new Hard Rock, Life Between Deadlines, That Old House, more

Overheard In San Diego and Famous Former Neighbors are anomalies in the comic strip world – they’re based on real ...

30 Celebrities Reveal "What I Like (Or Hate) About San Diego"

THIRTY CELEBS REVEAL “WHAT I LIKE ABOUT SAN DIEGO” For around 10 years, almost every time I interviewed a celebrity ...

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