Hitesh resonates truth. He's young and I had to correct his English so I didn't put this in quotes but these are his words, heavily edited:

Human beings behave in exact accordance to their values. We honor our highest value first and find excuses to not honor the the lower ones. In other words,TIME, SPACE and ENERGY are always available to things we LOVE.

So if we believe we love our family, are we spending time with them? Or do our careers own us? There is no judgment on what we value more. But it helps to really understand who we are when our careers dictate our lives. As Dr. Demartini says, “the heirachy of your values dictate your destiny.”

What is awesome is that we can realign the same imbalanced set of values. Human beings love being victims. It"s great to not live out dreams and complain about how miserable our lives are. Well, that’s how we lie to ourselves. Little do we know, the greatest joy lies in living out our heart’s desires.

Stop lying. Get real about your life. Stop making excuses.

His full name is Hitesh Surujbally if you want to follow his blog.

From4220feet: SherryD


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