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September 16 Brainstorm Contenders

I can't believe that we're still arguing over 41 vs 42. As the instructions stated, “How many moves will be required to extricate the car and DRIVE IT FROM THE LOT?”. 41 gets to the "penultimate" move, and 42 gets you OUT. I notice the printed answer also says "41) BLACK CAR RIGHT AND OUT", which those of us who actually READ the instructions took to mean "41) BLACK CAR RIGHT" and "42) BLACK CAR OUT". Besides, it's not like we're quibbling over was it 41 moves vs. 32, or 63, or 95. Those who answered either 41 or 42, had to have done it correctly with the only difference being whether there was confusion in the instructions whether to count "OUT" as a move or not. I think the "scorer" of the puzzles needs to be a little more lenient. I got all of the Nameographs correct, which is a feat in itself, especially when one or two of the items were kind of iffy: "Gangster, only had 1 G", "G.B.Shaw, the S clearly looked like a C". However, I wrote "coed" and not "co-ed" on the form I submitted and I didn't see my name up in lights this week. C'mon, if that "-" is the only missing part, and yes, I know the "-" was used as the nose, but the word co-ed is writen both ways, coed and co-ed. I should have gotten credit. Or was I missing the "."s after G and B in G B Shaw? C'mon now! I'll hand it to the puzzle lady to come up with interesting puzzles, but I think the scoring should not be so persnickety when the puzzle has potentially vague or interpretable directions or content. I mentioned these earlier on GB Shaw, and Gangster. In cases like this I would consider submitting multiple entries, so at least showing I "COULD" get it right, but multiple entries are not allowed. Anyway, that's my $0.02 worth. I missed the mirrors one because it seemed from the illustration that we were looking through the windshield. No instruction made it clear that the "unbroken" scene in front was really a possible reflection. The only "reflection" to see headlights was in the rear windows. But, that was the point. Better instructions would have made that clear. Yes, I know better instructions may give-away the answer on some puzzles, but not so on the parking-lot, or the mirrors in my opinion. -Carl
— September 24, 2010 4:28 p.m.

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