Impeachment bragging may bite Goldsmith

I think the plaintiffs are going to have their own problems based on their own comments quoted in more than one place. Here's a quote posted by La Playa Heritage in comments on a CityBeat article last August and taken from statements made by Gloria Allred. Similar statements were posted in an earlier CityBeat editorial which called on Filner to resign. The following quote is an analysis by the San Diegans for Mayor Bob Filner Facebook Page. "Lets take a look at the statements Allred made, since we know the media will not. 1.. After agreeing to help Ragazzino, Filner asked to speak to Tyler alone. AFTER agreeing to help, not before, not during, no quid pro quo but "after saying he would help." 2. She said Filner told Tyler that if they weren't in his office, he would like to kiss her. IF they weren't in his office. Making it clear he wasn't using his office. 3.Tyler told him to stop and said she had to leave, Allred said. As Tyler left the office, the mayor told her, "I'm going to call you." DID the mayor ever call ?? 4. Ragazzino teared up as she described her experience with Filner and Tyler. She said she owes everything to Tyler for getting her help. NO, it appears you owe some of your thanks to the mayor, who helped you without any trade of favors at all. Once again the mayor flirts, ask a woman out, is rebuffed and he does no follow up on it. Once rebuffed it seems "no" works quite well with the mayor."
— March 28, 2014 9:41 a.m.

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