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Zeppelin on steroids

Outtakes: WHAT’S MISSING IN YOUR WORLD? Maitoza: “Youth. Getting old sucks.” Poremba: “A thermal lance, an Akita dog, and a house for me and my girl Sarah.” Andino: “A teleporter.” Campos: “A 35 foot RV.” SOMETHING YOU NEVER RUN OUT OF? Maitoza: “Toilet paper.” Poremba: “Cigarettes.” Horton: “Milk.” Andino: “Ice cream.” Campos: “Beer.” WHAT REMAINS ON YOUR BUCKET LIST? Maitoza: “I’d like to see the pyramids and take a trip to Egypt.” Poremba: “Tour arenas.” Horton: “Visit the Mediterranean Sea, Spain, or France.” Andino: “Travel America in an RV.” Campos: “Go to an NFL game in every stadium.” WHERE DO YOU TAKE OUT-OF-TOWN GUESTS? Maitoza: “Either a harbor cruise around San Diego Bay, Old Town, or one of the casinos.” Poremba: “The Safari Park or the beach.” Horton: “Local Mexican food.” Campos: “I take them immediately to their hotel room.” BIGGEST REGRET? Maitoza: “Not moving to Hollywood when I was sixteen to join too many ‘80s bands to list that became famous.” Andino: “Not being able to attend the free Paul McCartney concert in Hollywood at the Jimmy Kimmel show.” Campos: “Not going to the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music when offered a scholarship.” FAVORITE MOVIE BASED ON A BOOK? Andino: “Once Were Warriors by Alan Duff. It’s a disturbing, powerful, and very realistic movie that shows domestic violence in another country and an unfortunate turn of events.” Campos: “The Shawshank Redemption, because Andy Dufresne never gave up hope and crawled through a mile of shit to come out clean on the other side.”
— October 15, 2014 6:36 p.m.

How the Breaking Bad finale lied to you (and why you were so easily fooled)

Thanks for weighing in! You make a good point about Walt's fantasy casting Walt Jr. as still hating him - but Walt was never one to ignore harsh reality. Note his fantasy includes both leaving the cash legacy for Junior (seemingly more important to him that his son's love and respect) AND getting one final glimpse of Junior, apparently doing just fine despite the upheavals and tragedies. Walt was alwways great at spinning the negative into something "good for Walt." You mentioned Skyler being visited by the thugs after Walt vanished - I'd point out that she never mentions this to Walt in their final chat!! If she was really torn up with WTF questions about her and their baby being threatened, why didn't she say anything to Walt? Because Walt never knew about the thugs' visit, and thus couldn't fantasize about it! Finally, I watched the finale for the third time on Sunday, and noticed another telling clue that supports my theory - note that, in the "final" seconds before Walt closes his eyes in the car, then opens them and finds the keys, we see the reflections of the police lights in his glasses (presumably one of the pairs brought by Robt. Forster to the cabin). Note that the lights travel across the glass lenses before dropping off the glass...now then, ever heard the phrase that people often use when describing what it's like to look into a dying person's eyes? "Like the light just left their eyes...." I think that's the moment Walt died. There also seemed to be subtle change in the shape of Walt's glasses when he got back out west, as if he was fantasizing about the glasses he most remembered instead of the dimestore glasses supplied by Forster, but I don't have the finale on DVD and would have to re-view to confirm --- maybe he just replaced the glasses when he left New England. Or maybe my theory about him dying in the car is correct --
— October 9, 2014 4:45 p.m.

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