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The Brothers Gow, true bros who are going somewhere

Outtakes: IN WHAT FICTIONAL UNIVERSE WOULD YOU LIKE TO LIVE? Bastine: “Peter Pan’s Neverland sounds like a pretty sweet place.” Church: “That ‘70s Show. Just enough technology back then, but not too much.” Merrill: “I would be a hobbit in the Shire, laughing, drinking, and merry-making the days away.” Wade: “Frank Miller’s Sin City.” USELESS TRIVIA? Bastine: “Bulls are actually color-blind and do not get enraged at the color red.” Church: “I can sing every state in America in alphabetical order.” Merrill: “Every person has a unique tongue print.” Wade: “Caterpillars breathe from their feet.” Walsh-Haines: “Apparently, the average person swallows seven spiders a year in their sleep.” ANYTHING MISSING IN YOUR WORLD? Church: “A Modulus 6-string bass guitar.” Wade: “A theoretical Great Dane by the name of Odin.” SOMETHING YOU NEVER RUN OUT OF? Bastine: “Medicinal herb.” Church: “Coconut curry chicken.” Merrill: “Box of Snickers.” Wade: “Cigarettes, of course.” Walsh-Haines: “Pollo asada burritos, which is to say I late-night shop a lot.” WHAT REMAINS ON YOUR BUCKET LIST? Bastine: “Play a show at Red Rocks.” Walsh-Haines: “Sleep under the Northern Lights.” WHO DO PEOPLE SAY YOU LOOK LIKE? Bastine: “Fabio.” Merrill: “Robert Downey, Jr.” Wade: “I’ve heard Leonardo DiCaprio and Vince Vaughn, for some reason.” WORST INJURY? Church: “Broken femur in seventh grade from a bone cyst. Two surgeries and two years later, I was back to normal. If the cyst was two inches higher, it could have stunted my growth.” Merrill: “When I was in third grade, I rode down our steep driveway in my sister’s fake baby carriage, and I flew all the way into the street head first. I got a concussion, scraped up half of my face so I looked like Two-Face, and had to get a bridge to fix my teeth.” Wade: “A motorcycle accident which landed me in the hospital. Luckily, I was wearing my helmet and my riding jacket that day.” Walsh-Haines: “I got hit by a bike when I was a kid and the bone in my leg broke out of the skin.” EVER BEEN A CRIME VICTIM? Wade: “In Tucson, I was robbed at gunpoint on more than one occasion.” Walsh-Haines: “I set my room on fire in college by accident, which I suppose means I victimized myself.” DO YOU BELIEVE IN MAGIC? Bastine: “I’m more of a science man myself.” Wade: “As in God? Or divine creation? Or pulling rabbits out of hats? No. However, misdirection and illusion can be very captivating.”
— March 26, 2014 1:24 p.m.