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Pimp hand strong in Chula

A History and Vocabulary lesson about the **Kakistocracy** that is South Bay Government and Politics, weather it is Sweetwater, Chula Vista or the other elected officialdoms of the area. The Lincoln Club and other political movers and shakers of the region (**Political Elite - PE**) all believe that their ideas and representation is what is best for us the **Plebeian Citizenery-PC.** Where they, the **PE** seem to have fallen out of touch is that they all think they are leaders and intellectuals, deserving our attention and a reward for being. This is derived from the “Me” Generation of Yuppies and Yuppie wannabes who currently see themselves as the Governmental Elite in our region. The **PE** have convinced themselves through their political inbreeding that the **PC** have lost the ability to choose wisely and monitor their doings and undoings of our governance. In some circumstances, they may be correct, however that does not give the **PE** the right to: 1. Pre-select the platforms and direction of our communities 2. Pre-select and financially back their **“Political First Cousins–PFC”** to be our candidates 3. Gorge themselves and assorted **PFC**s at the Public Trough. Enough is enough, too much nepotism and cronyism within the South Bay as well as the region, state and federal Governments. We, the **PC** need to decide who and what type of officialdom/government we want, and not just follow the sound bites from the **Kakistocracy**!!! Oh, **Kakistocracy** means **“Government under control of the worst or least-qualified citizens”** BBQ
— August 25, 2014 11:15 a.m.

33% of the profit? No problem — hey!

Ed and Ms. Russo out-smarted themselves on this one.... They backed themselves (and Us, the taxpayer) right into the corner with the Balloon payment due on "L" St and the desire to have the Ed Brand Executive Adminstration Campus of Sweetwater at Eastlake, (New Admin Campus). They were in such a hurry to cover their Butts in 2011 (When the board brought Ed back) that they would have agreed to anything to keep the shellgame quiet!!!! Now however we all know about the real estate shellgame and how much it has cost the district, not only in money and prestige, but also distraction from the business of education, so no more hiding. They proably thought there was little chance of "Profit" depending on how you account for it with the "L" St deal $15 Million in the red, the future accounting of this if it continues will be very interesting. As they say hindsight is usually 20/20, the recent and current Board Members did not and do not have a clue as to what their roles are and were in the fiasco. Where were/are the Lawyers who should have approved any contract like this, where is/was the open accountability and public review, where is/was the facility review that we have been paying $2.4 million for over the last three years? I suspect all of those things were behind closed Doors in Ed's Office or more likely at a Steak Lunch in a Dark Resturant we paid for... It's time to review the past, control the present and plan the future, keep watching closely and vet your candidates for the Nov. election. BBQ, CAVE
— August 1, 2014 6:37 a.m.

Cartmill for Sweetwater board — get real

As I only know Jim Cartmill as a member of the SUHSD Board of Trustees, I am sure he has friends and loved ones that do not deserve to be dragged into the issue of weather he was or will be a good member of the new Board, I feel the same of Bertha Lopez. The real question is who, what and where were these individuals as the two terms of Ed Brand and one of Jesus Gandara were going on? Yes, I know it maybe unfair to lump the two together but neither handled the situations very well. Jim has been involved with the district since the beginning of the "Property Speculation", it appears that his eyes were bigger than his ability to judge the Real Estate Market... His undieing link and faith in the Superintendents was at least sickening and at most negligent of his feduciary responsibilities to manage the district. His desire to rejoin the district seems to be more about vanity, personal gain (He needs three months to be vested in the State Health Care Plan) and not about fixing the district!!! He's had plenty of time to complete that. As Dr Phil Says "The best prediction of future behavior is past behavior..." As for Bertha, even though she objected to and often was the only desenting vote to a "Brandian" topic or issue, she was still an ineffective Trustee, she should have demanded topics be removed from the agendas if she had not been given the proper background information, she should have expanded her group of advisors and been more inclusive of the public and been more prepared on all of the issues. Again I could say the same of the other three former Board members, but I ask not only Jim and Bertha but all of the voters in the SUHSD isn't it a time to make a clean break from the past, good ol'boy network, elect five New members of the board, continue community forums and develope a new stratigic plan for the future of the district? Even though I can only vote in my district I will be picking the five best candidates to work with, for the future of the SUHSD and the region. BBQ, CAVE
— July 18, 2014 9:52 a.m.

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