Growing pains in the South Bay

About twenty years ago I lived in Argentina, during one of their few successful economic periods, they had a very interesting method of taking care of their infrastructure, social and financial issues. First they had a problem with their military retirement funding, so they taxed gasoline.... then they had a problem paying for their roads so they taxed alcohol (booze).... then consumer goods with a VAT for schools.... nothing had proper linkage or reason for what they did and where is Argentina now, back to the good old 1960s and 70s. Chula Vista and similarly San Diego have never been able to prioritize, allocate funding and plan a successful maintenance or attrition based programs. The reasons we have government, cities and social structure, is to supplying common services to the citizens of the community. Chula Vista in particular has the dual taxation areas of Mello Roos in the east where those homeowners pay for "Open" ie public facilities and the west siders "only" (sarcasm) pay "Regular" property taxes. My suggestion is the city scale back on the greenfield development in the east, (MORE is not always better) until the early issues in the east are solved, Public Swimming Pools, indoor gym space, traffic. In the older western sections create "special project or assessment districts" to assess and fund the repairs to sewers, water systems and roads. Chula Vista City Council lift your head up and look around at what you have and need, in order to move the rest of the city into the 21st century instead of resting your laurels on how great (Not Very!!!!) you are doing developing the Eastern part of our city. Maybe it's time to divide the city in half, how"s the City of "Otay Lake" sound to you??? BBQ
— February 23, 2016 6:16 a.m.

600 more families for Otay Ranch?

I started a response yesterday and lost it to a network issue, VigilantinCV and AlexClark, are both on target. CV is rapidly becoming a bedroom community, as such we have all of the associated issues. Bad Transit, congested roads (East-West congested, North South Non-continuous), lack of community amenities (No Community Recreation Facilities south of Otay Lakes road), impacted schools (due to Open Boundaries), No commitment to the original zoning and planning. There are currently Two Major Developments in work near the proposed changes north of the Otay Ranch Mall, Milenia just south of the Mall and the development just south of Otay Ranch High School. The effects of both are starting to be felt on La Media, Birch, 125, Olympic Pkwy, and Eastlake Pkwy. It is obvious that none of our city council live or use the roads in this area. What's to happen when/if we get a university on Hunte Pkwy? Are we headed to suburban grid-lock? Just yesterday, Saturday about 11:00am there were 50 cars going west on Olympic Pkwy at La Media on one 3 minute signal cycle, that's 1000 vehicles an hour, ON A SATURDAY!!!! Wake up city council, what makes you think you are smarter than your predecessors? What has changed other than the greed of the Developers? Where is the overall assessment of the impact of these changes? Do not start fiddling with the plans, remember what happen to Nero and Rome. Stay the course, slow the development and improve the quality of life in East Chula Vista, before it is too late. BBQ
— April 26, 2015 7:59 a.m.

Only a fence between them

CVsincethe70s, I look at the record and see this is the first time you have ever commented to the reader, welcome, if it really is not the first time just a new Nom de plume, Pen Name, shame on you. Before calling the author and others names, review their other work before condeming them to shoddy journalism and or bias. You certainly leave no doubt about your bias, yet, I do not know who you represent Susan has been a major contributor to the changes at Sweetwater, weather you like her politics and style or not, she at least gets people to look into what's going on and hopefully acting out to find and make their own opinions on the issues. For this I am grateful that we have the alternate information site. As for Charter Schools, I am sure there are many with fine rational for their existance, specialized ESL for one or specialized STEM, however I do believe that their is a darker side to some Charters and that is GREED. I am not aware of SilverWings Charter and will not comment on where it sits in the continum of Need to Greed, however there seem to be issues with its location and possibly with its communication, only based on this article. I have issue with the need for a school to be completely separate from the district which I pay taxes and currently Mello-Roos (Charter). I also have issue with a union that will not properly vet teachers and programs to provide what is needed by the community a school building resides in, ie variable class sizes and or teaching hours to provide the necessary skills to our students for their success. However, If a community wants specifics in their local school, there are School site councils and other avenues other than the paneca of Charter Schools, which can often have limited public oversight. I like to have an opportunity to see where my taxes go and elect the people in charge of over seeing the spending, which is one reason SUHSD has a completely new Board!!! BBQ, CAVE
— February 25, 2015 1:11 p.m.

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