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iPads are great for porn and video games

Well after what seems to have been an eternity, the old regime is gone from Sweetwater, I would like to remind the one and only Mr. McCann that he just squeeked into his new spot, that's no mandate from the public, we'll be watching..... So onto the iPad mess, I am sure there are many people at the district adminstration office that have alot to say about this subject and others, maybe now they will finally be able to tell the Emperor (Brand and Board) "(T)He(y) has no clothes on".... unless there are some types of strings tieing their hands and honesty. I have little doubt that Dr. Brand has put much fear into that office and the workers, so I am not expecting much free flowing information. Many of us knew the issues with wholesale implementation of the "Technology" and the integration issue that occured this Fall when iPads met the High Schools... General math classes have a mix of studentsmixing the iPad Freshmen with the non-iPad Sophs, Jrs, Srs. Much like "open borders" a solution causing additional problems, perhaps we should have introduced iPads at the west side schools first for two reasons, 1) fewer students involved and 2) the same incentive to have students enroll, as was the first intention of the ill-planned roll-out. Much work to do, many people to interview lots of tangled webs to unweave, good luck to the new Board of Trustees, may you live up to your promisses, many of us are watching and relying on you to right the ship at SUHSD. BBQ
— November 5, 2014 2:42 p.m.

Pimp hand strong in Chula

A History and Vocabulary lesson about the **Kakistocracy** that is South Bay Government and Politics, weather it is Sweetwater, Chula Vista or the other elected officialdoms of the area. The Lincoln Club and other political movers and shakers of the region (**Political Elite - PE**) all believe that their ideas and representation is what is best for us the **Plebeian Citizenery-PC.** Where they, the **PE** seem to have fallen out of touch is that they all think they are leaders and intellectuals, deserving our attention and a reward for being. This is derived from the “Me” Generation of Yuppies and Yuppie wannabes who currently see themselves as the Governmental Elite in our region. The **PE** have convinced themselves through their political inbreeding that the **PC** have lost the ability to choose wisely and monitor their doings and undoings of our governance. In some circumstances, they may be correct, however that does not give the **PE** the right to: 1. Pre-select the platforms and direction of our communities 2. Pre-select and financially back their **“Political First Cousins–PFC”** to be our candidates 3. Gorge themselves and assorted **PFC**s at the Public Trough. Enough is enough, too much nepotism and cronyism within the South Bay as well as the region, state and federal Governments. We, the **PC** need to decide who and what type of officialdom/government we want, and not just follow the sound bites from the **Kakistocracy**!!! Oh, **Kakistocracy** means **“Government under control of the worst or least-qualified citizens”** BBQ
— August 25, 2014 11:15 a.m.

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