Comments by antigeekess

Balls in Bowls

Cat lady version: :) That stager sounds like a bit of a doofus. I'm really surprised he uses his own stuff. Is this the norm? I also thought they used items borrowed from furniture/design stores. If that's not already going on, it seems like a good idea for them. Possible angle for some salesy individual to work. Regarding weight, last week I got some bloodwork done that revealed what I've suspected for decades -- my thyroid is a lazy bum. I always knew there was no way what I ate could reasonably account for my weight. Supposedly, hypothyroidism is very underdiagnosed in women. I've ordered what appears to be a good thyroid supplement to boost my metabolism. You might want to have yours checked as well.
— April 23, 2011 5:53 p.m.

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