The unmaking and making of Roger Hedgecock

Hello Don. Roger served with a group of AM talk hosts post 9/11 in a fear-driven climate where they all shared the same script and talking points promoting the lies on Iraq. Saddam had no linkage to al-Qaeda or 9/11. Any WMD's in the form of chemical/biological he had were $old to him by a company Rumsfeld had been cozy with when Iraq and USA were on friendlier terms. Most these AM talk hosts supporting the neocon pretext for war(s) (what I call the best business model ever--PERPETUAL AND EXPANDING WAR) were once lawyers so they master rhetoric and debate. The problem is if you called any of those shows with a dissenting opinion, you were disconnected and then the host would berate you on-air, call you names, say you were a "terrorist sympathizer" or "for them!" or "traitor" and "un-American." Then in a most clever way the call producer who had screened a bank of callers would direct the host to take the callers who supported the disinformation talk host's inflection points, while also denouncing the previous caller. When Bush-II told the nation and others on a global scale "you're either for us or against us!" that amounted to a rather broad declaration of total war. When I listened to and watched all these neocon types promote the wars, as puppeteers to the profiteers (you wanna buy some drone stock?), I guessed it was a most clever psyops campaign that way too many Americans bought into. Now we are paying the price, have nothing of value to really show for all the blood spilled by both Americans and Iraqis. And I am nervous we accumulated blowback debt, not to mention who is still going to pay for the fiscal debt we incurred along the way? Take care Don!
— March 7, 2013 3:54 p.m.

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