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Carlsbad's Actis: How a Pyramid Topples

To post #2 (Jon R Patrick), your bias is built-in since you obviously are a network marketeer. Don Bauder is in fact, one of the most objective, fair, honest, sincere and informed business journalist, I've seen, and I've followed his articles for decades (including those in SDUT). You say he is "generic, hating, vengeful, biased" in his topic article, and I don't see where you come up with that. I've had many people attempt to involve me over decades into what you call "network marketing" but what is too often pyramid schemes. I will be honest to tell you that only a few trusted people or friends, did I elect to attend perhaps the first introductory meeting to get acquainted with those "network marketing" companies, their products, and people. Though, I have never joined any of them. The bulk of "network marketers" that I've been approached by, I did not attend their first meeting because of their approaches. One, I don't like being bothered in bookstores, the business section, by someone who pretends to be highly succe$$ful (thus why are they prospecting in a bookstore?), and attempts to befriend you, and then give you some scripted $ales verbiage trying to cast you in like a fish. Second, I think any "network marketing" adventure worth attracting people into, would disclose all facts up-front, versus using the subtle disclosure method of trying to get prospects to the first meeting without ever telling them what is really involved. Third, I don't $ell to my family or friends, period. I don't care how good a product I have been trained to think I represent, I don't want to be using closing techniques on my trusted ring of family/friends. Years ago when the dot-com boom was just going bust, I was invited to a weekend seminar where they had motivational speakers trying to swindle us into a "network marketing" type opportunity by having a shopping website for your friends/family. The gal that invited me, invested $2,300 that day, in a "training package" that set you up with the website. I walked out. She lost the $2,300 and never made a penny, although she worked hard at it for a while. The company went bust soon after. Lastly, the only way to win in "network marketing" is to chose a stable and successful company with great products and ethical people. I am not saying they are not out there, but there is a hit & miss rate to be expected, and once you pair with the truly strong platform, one must commit enormous work (time, energy) to make it payoff. Why not do that in your own business?
— October 19, 2010 1:27 a.m.

The Big Guys in Mexico’s Skies

Hi JohnnyVegas, I appreciate the cautions. I usually don't drive down there. I use to drive a Jetta there and was not bothered. I had to drive an expensive kind of car for some clients (transporting them), and I was shaken down for some money, and paid it, for illegally parking. I think it was $40 to 2 state officers. I understand/respect their system/traditions/customs. At least I don't go into a FED/STATE/LOCAL databases like here, for a traffic infraction. There is corruption, and now lots of turf wars with violence against mostly foe elements, but also some innocents getting caught in crossfire. Some Americans are getting kidnapped, that is true. I believe though the percentage is fairly low. I use to take a friend down there, she was getting some medical care, and I'm gringo she Mexican. I never had any problems although I walked into TJ, parking my car on this side of border. Honestly with the corruption, I believe we have it widespread here too. Look at the pensions that have been robbed. Look at DUI checkpoints where we are sold they are for DUIs but the cop stats show that most the cars impounded have nothing to do with DUI. A father who missed a child support pymt. to the courts, he is subject to having his car impounded/towed at a DUI checkpoint. If that is not corruption, besides a breach of our 4th Amendment rights, I don't know what else is. My friend has flown on the airlines out of TJ on many occasions to her hometown down farther in Mexico. She has never had any problems with airline service, schedule, reliability.
— April 25, 2008 2:59 a.m.

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